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Two color bedroom

29 March, 2018 · Blog

The bedroom is the most personal room in any home. This is designed to become a resting place as opposed to daily traffic, so that the environment we have printed on it will be key to achieving a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Normally neutral shades such as beige or white are recommended, since painting the walls of these colors is a safe bet and they are very close to the feeling of calmness. But in this post by Grupo Inventia, we will comment on how we can paint our bedroom using two colors and not lose the moody weather that must be.

The head

A common option is to paint the wall of the head with a different color than the other walls have been painted. With this we will generate a focus of attention in the room and in turn we will have more sensation of amplitude.

To do this, nothing better than using neutral tones that are distinguished from the rest of the walls, making combinations between white and gray, white and beige or the like while they are soft tones. As you can see, if this color is combined with white, it’s all a success.

White and gray

That the white this one in a bedroom is a habitual thing, since it is the indicated color for the purpose that it looks for this stay. But that does not leave the possibility of combining it with another color. In this case we choose to paint two white walls and two gray walls, in a soft or medium tone.

This combination will bring a subtle definition of space and a greater sense of warmth. In turn, it will unite the calm atmosphere we seek to be able to rest correctly and that little personality that we all want to bring to our bedroom.

Bedroom design Grupo Inventia

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