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Types of curtains and their decorative function

24 January, 2023 · Blog

Curtains are an essential part of home decoration and can help to improve the image of a room. Currently, the market offers us a wide variety of curtain types. So much so that we can get to have a wide range of possibilities and that it is difficult to decide which type of curtain is the best for our home.

For this reason we are willing to expose some of the different types of home curtains that we can find on the market and how to use them to effectively decorate a room.

tipos de cortina

Curtains for living room and bedrooms

One of the most used curtain types today are translucent or semi-transparent curtains. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are light and provide privacy at the same time as they allow the passage of light inside our house. This type of translucent curtains is the choice in most cases for the living room.

It is capable of generating a greater sense of intimacy and privacy, while allowing the right amount of natural light to enter the main area of the house. Accompanied by an interior design in neutral tones, the light will be able to flow into every corner of our home. Sin lugar a didas is a good choice to generate warm and pleasant environments.

On the other hand, and intended for spaces such as bedrooms, we have blackout curtains. These bedroom curtains are designed for the opposite of the previous ones. With this type of curtain we want to slow the entry of light into the interior of the room. It is for this reason that they are a perfect element for bedrooms and other spaces in which we need greater isolation.

At a practical level, curtains are very useful for people who need to sleep during the day or people who need less light for their health. Whatever the reason for choosing blackout curtains, we also have a wide variety of options both in terms of material and colors or prints. For example, black curtains fit perfectly with this purpose.

Modern curtains

Although the curtains we have mentioned are usually the most common, there are others that go beyond the practical and decorative. A good example are the thermal curtains, designed to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Generally, they are made with thicker insulating fabrics. Because of their characteristics, they are a type of curtain perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

In addition to the thermal effect that characterizes them, these curtains also contribute to greater sound insulation. If we have double-glazed insulating windows and complete them with thermal curtains, we will have the perfect match. If you need and like a quiet environment at home and avoid outside noise as much as possible, you will love these curtains.

Decorative curtains

We want to mention another type of curtain that is essential to harmonize the interior design of a home: decorative curtains. In addition to fulfilling the main objective of a curtain, decorative curtains are designed to be part of the style of any room. From rustic curtains to modern curtains, they will be a key element in the interior design of our home.

cortina moderna

Being a decorative element, we can find countless proposals to cover our windows and at the same time decorate that space. Different colors, finishes, patterns or plain, there is a type of decorative curtain for you. In this sense, the curtain can be adapted to the decorative style of the living room or bedroom.

As a technical fact, when decorating a room with curtains, it is important to take into account the size and shape of the windows. The curtains must be hung close to the ceiling, or just below. In this way we can create a greater sensation of height and make the room visually larger.

Curtain types for everyone

Curtains are an essential element of home decoration and help create an environment that suits our tastes. Thanks to the wide variety of types of curtains available in the market, we are sure to find the one that best fits our decorative taste and budget.