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Types of extractor hoods

13 January, 2023 · Blog

When it comes to enjoying a functional home adapted to current needs, there are several details to take into account. Several of them are found in the kitchen, one of the busiest spaces in a house. One of the most important features in a kitchen is ventilation and extractor hoods are the protagonists.

In addition to complete equipment and a functional distribution, the environment in the kitchen must be uncluttered. For this, the extractor hood is responsible for eliminating odors and absorbing fumes. In this way we can cook all our daily meals with greater comfort.

tipos de campanas extractoras

As in many aspects of the home, there are several types of extractor hoods that we can choose from. In this sense, we must opt for that kitchen hood that best fits the furniture and offers greater functionality. So let’s see different types of extractor hoods and how they can be adapted to our kitchen.

Basic characteristics

When installing a cooker hood, make sure it is wider than the hob. In the event that it is not possible, it must have at least the same width, never less. Only in this way can we ensure that the extraction of hums and odors is totally effective.

The manufacturers know that there are kitchens of all types and are responsible for manufacturing different types of kitchen hoods. From there we can decide if we want a more or less powerful kitchen extractor hood. In the same way that there are hoods of different sizes, there are also those with greater ventilation capacity.

As technical details, both wall and integrated hoods must be placed at a maximum height of 70 cm and a minimum of 60 cm with respect to the cooking plate. Although the technical details are important, we will also choose the type of extractor hood depending on the kitchen furniture.

Types of extractor hoods

When choosing an extractor hood you have to take into account how our kitchen is. Normally this is already determined in the kitchen creation or renovation project. That is, we already know in advance how our kitchen hood will be. Among the most common we can find the following.

campanas de cocina

One of the most common is the integrated extractor hood. It is located on the hob and integrated into the kitchen furniture. This way it is totally hidden when we don’t need to use it. Very similar are the telescopic hoods, which also have the ability to be hidden in the kitchen cupboards.

In many cases the kitchens do not have storage capacity in the upper part and the extractor hood is visible all the time. For this we have decorative extractor hoods. They fulfill their function and adapt to the overall image of the kitchen or the home if it is an open space. Since there are many shapes and styles, they are valid both for contemporary designs and for more marked interiors such as rustic or minimalist.

Extractor hood in kitchen island

Until now we have referred to types of kitchen hoods of a specific structure and integrated into the furniture set. In open kitchens it can be different, since the cooking plate can be placed on a kitchen island. For this situation there are two types of extractor hoods that fit the concept.

The most common is the ceiling extractor hood. As its number indicates, it descends from the ceiling and stops at the required height on the hob. Its ability to absorb fumes and odors is just as effective and can also be part of the decoration of the space. For example, you can have the transparent glass hood to generate more visual space.

campana extractora cocina

Another option increasingly used in kitchen islands are countertop extractor hoods. This type of kitchen hood is integrated and hidden in the worktop itself and when removed it is vertical. It is placed near the cooking plate so that it ventilates the fumes and odors quickly.

Functional kitchen hoods

Just as we can choose between different kitchen styles, we also have several types of extractor hoods. Thanks to the variety offered by the market and with professional advice, you will be able to get the kitchen of your dreams in a very simple way.