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What types of countertops exist for your new kitchen

30 November, 2022 · Blog

In the sector of renovations, one of the most requested rooms to renovate is the kitchen. It is a space for daily use and which has to offer the best performance at all times. Of all the elements that make it up, there is one that is essential: the countertop.

Regardless of the type of kitchen layout, worktops play a fundamental role. In addition to housing integrated appliances such as the cooking plate, it is also the surface on which we support all the kitchen elements. Given its importance, it is important to choose a quality countertop.

encimera silestone

Currently on the market there are several types of kitchen countertops that you can choose from. According to our general decorative style, budget or personal taste we can opt for different types of countertop. This includes both materials and finishes thereof.

Classic countertops

Perhaps it is a bit bold to say that they are the most used type of kitchen countertops. However, natural stone countertops are the most chosen option when renovating a kitchen or creating it from scratch. These countertops meet many of the requirements that are needed in a kitchen.

One of the most popular options are silestone countertops. The big point in their favor is the excellent value for money they have. Thanks to this, they are leading countertops in the market. In addition to being a resistant and durable material, it has the particularity that they can be made in many colors and finishes. In this way, it can adapt to all types of decorative styles.

Another natural stone countertops that should be mentioned is granite. At a practical level, it is a material with great hardness and great resistance to fire. It could be said that a granite countertop is a lifelong choice. Unlike silestone countertops, it has a smaller choice of colors, although it makes up for it by being resistant to stains and maintaining its color.

Synthetic materials

As in many areas, artificial materials have become a great alternative to natural ones. As an alternative to the previous ones, we find the synthetic countertops. In the same way as happens in other materials for the home, they have their pros and cons.

At the image level, they can offer greater alternatives when establishing the interior design. For example, with corian countertops you get a much more linear image, perfect for minimalist and linear designs. A practical advantage is that it can be repaired and cleaned very easily. On the contrary, they are slightly less strong than natural stone countertops.

encimera cocina corian

Another very similar type of kitchen countertop is Krion. A particular characteristic of krion countertops is that they are warm and feel like natural stone to the touch. When manufacturing them, they can be adapted to different shapes according to the needs of the kitchen. Although they have a lower hardness than natural materials, they are waterproof and can be repaired very easily.

More options

In general, these would be some of the most requested kitchen countertops in a renovation or construction. Still, there are many more options both inside and outside of your class. The worktops market is very wide, varied and suitable for all types of people interested in installing worktops in the kitchen.

In this way, in addition to the materials mentioned, we can also find others such as wooden countertops. In this sense, the image section will play a more important role. As for the visual level, they are perfect and adapt very well to designs both modern and with rustic touches.

Unlike what you might think, the price of wooden countertops can be more economical than the views in the first two points. On the contrary, they are more fragile and must be taken care of with greater control and special products. This way you can avoid scratches, stains and other damage that can occur in the kitchen.

tipos de encimera madera

Types of worktop to choose from

If the time has come to renovate your kitchen, the market will offer you a wide variety of countertop types to choose from. The best of all is that they can adapt to your decorative style and the visual needs you have. You will also have the confidence that your new countertop will last a long time thanks to the current manufacturing materials.