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White doors in the interior design of your home

17 June, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

When creating a renovation project in Grupo Inventia we take into account all the details. Beyond the new distribution of spaces or the renovation of facilities, in our renovation company we also take care of interior design. Our goal is that once the work is completed, the home is ready to move into.

reforma integral barcelona

In this way the owners of the property only have to wait for the established time, once elapsed it will only be left to enjoy the home. We have a wide variety of options for the new interior design of the home, including new doors. After years of experience in the sector and having worked with different decorative styles, white doors are among the most requested.

Modern image

Many of the renovations we carry out involve the renewal of interior design towards a modern and contemporary image. In it, white doors have everything to gain, as they easily adapt to all types of interior design. The white color makes them perfect to combine between neutral tones and help to generate bright and spacious spaces.

They also offer a robust image despite not having the classic wood finish that was the most common years ago. The white doors are also versatile and adapt to the needs of each room. For example, those in the dining room may have glass and those in the bedrooms may have a smooth or embossed finish.

reforma integral

Sliding white door

In each project, clients receive personalized advice from our department of interior design in Barcelona. In this way it is much easier to guide the choice, as professional interior designers guide those interested to those doors that best fit their style. In turn, the functionality of the space in question is also taken into account and alternatives to the classic hinged doors emerge.

reforma integral

In small rooms, sliding doors are the best option. Ideal for bathrooms or kitchens in which you will make the most of the available space in the room. In this way it is possible to work more fluently the interior design of the same room. Obviously they are also viable for any space, as if they can be placed they generate a very modern effect.

Interior design projects in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we treat each interior design and renovation project in a personalized and tailor-made way. Our interior designers in Barcelona will accompany you throughout the process offering the best options to your needs. You can request your project by calling 93 209 97 17 and filling out this contact form. We deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.