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Windows renovation in your home

13 October, 2016 · Blog

Due to the pas of time, the day comes when we ask ourselves to change or renew elements of our home, which we have either broken or because the evolution of materials allows to have better conditions for the same item.

One of the most common in this sense is the windows because now you can enjoy much better service than a few years ago due to the incursion of aluminum and the use of double glazing. The union of these has become the first choice when installing windows in new housing and, of course, changed when conventional windows.

External insulation

The great advantage of the double-glazed windows and aluminum is the isolation from the outside. In this weather we refer to both as noise, such as soundproofing and windows help to keep the temperature indoors and avoid, for example in the winter between the cold.

Therefore, double glazed windows and aluminum become the best choice when replacing one glass windows and wooden frames. In the latter, although it can be slightly losing the elegance of wooden frames with aluminum frames also beat the time to keep them clean, because it is a material easy to maintain and clean.

Windows models

Another aspect that occur when switching windows is the model chosen. In our opinion a good option is to opt for sliding windows in rooms as big as the livingroom or bedroom and a hinged window in the kitchen and bathroom.

With hinged window will have the advantage of allowing ventilation of rooms without the window is completely open.

Windows Group Inventia

In Grupo Inventia we have a wide range of windows so you can choose the model that you like the new look for your home. Contact us for further information without any obligation.