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Wood in the kitchen

14 April, 2016 · Blog

From the department of interior Grupo Inventia want to talk about one of the most important rooms in any home, the kitchen, and specifically about designing it. In our company integral reforms in Barcelona have specialized departments in the interior design of each room, so when we do kitchen reform presented a project customized and always looking to offer the best solutions to all your needs.

Because kitchens offer the best usability, it must be fully equipped with appliances warranty, but increasingly, the design and materials used in this stage is much more careful and more attention to him.

So we want to discuss how you can enter any type of furniture designing a kitchen. We will focus on wooden furniture, the kitchen without having to be rustic or similar.


One of the clearest is the wooden furniture kitchen. Thanks to the wide range that exists in this market, we have different shades of wood, from lighter to darker, through wood painted the color you want. In this must be proactive and must choose a hue according to the general color of the kitchen, whether painted or tiled walls.

The wood is very grateful to a kitchen in neutral colors like white and beige. In general, these are the predominant colors in a kitchen, because if we want bright colors like red or blue, probably a cabinet placed these colors and we thought the wood.

As for the types in Group Inventia kitchens recommend a cabinet that provides maximum storage capacity, so the ideal is to have several drawers and cabinets in both the bottom and top of the countertop.

Enable an office area

Another option to introduce wooden furniture in the kitchen is to create an area office. It is increasingly common for the kitchen becomes a meeting room, which has a table and chairs contribute to a modern and practical.

This way we get to visit with family or socialize in a more relaxed and enjoyable in addition to the key elements to provide a good breakfast or snack.

Kitchen Grupo Inventia

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