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5 reasons to install parquet at home

18 October, 2023 · Blog

Thanks to the interior design offer you can make changes to your home on a regular basis. Every aspect of the home is covered by some manufacturer, nothing is left uncovered. One of the notable elements in this regard is the pavement. Changing the floor is common in every house. Either because of deterioration, aesthetics or a house renovation.

In this plot we will stop at the parquet floor and discuss five reasons to opt for it. Install parquet will bring both aesthetic and functional advantages to your home. Currently, it is the most demanded option for making floor changes or as a new choice or renovation.

poner parquet casa

Timeless image

Laying parquet gives a warm and elegant look to any space in the house. It is a land that offers several attractions. Among them a natural beauty and a wide variety of colors and designs of the wood. These are features that make it a timeless choice that can be adapted to a wide range of decorating styles.

Install parquet can be done in both classic styles and contemporary designs. Wood finishes go well with colors like white, beige and more neutral tones. In addition, it provides more ease when decorating, since it accepts both wooden and other elements.

Durability and easy maintenance

Parquet is a type of floor known for its durability and resistance to day-to-day use. If parquet is installed and maintained properly, it is able to withstand daily wear and tear for many years. The areas where to place parquet at home are various. On a practical level, it is a perfect choice for areas of greater use such as the living room or dining room.

colocar parquet dormitorio

On the other hand, compared to other floors that we can lay, parquet requires relatively easy maintenance. To keep the house in order you can clean it regularly, either by sweeping with a broom or with a mop. All this complemented by the application of special cleaning products for wood with the aim of maintaining its shine and appearance.

Thermal conductor

Another advantage that unites the practical and functional aspect is the good thermal conductivity of parquet floors. Install parquet can help keep the temperature of the room more constant. In addition, it generates a greater sensation of warmth underfoot compared to cold surfaces such as tile or marble.

It’s a sensation that can be achieved both when laying laminate and natural parquet. This is a common feature in wood finishing elements. By covering more surface, laying parquet creates warm and welcoming environments. For this reason it works equally well in common areas such as the living room and in more private spaces such as bedrooms.

Improves property value

In addition to design features and practicality, laying quality parquet can be a key element in increasing the value of your property. According to statistics provided by the real estate sector, buyers tend to consider parquet flooring as a highly valued feature. For this reason, a install parquet can make your home more attractive in the real estate market.

colocar parquet

Given the various beneficial reasons for install parquet, it is important to emphasize that the choice of the type of parquet and its proper installation are key factors in making the most of these advantages. You must make sure to hire warranty professionals for the installation. From there, follow the recommended care and maintenance guidelines to ensure that your parquet floor stays in good condition for a long time.