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7 steps to get the habitability certificate for your home

7 December, 2023 · Blog

When buying a flat or planning a house renovation of a commercial premises that will become a home, we need a series of documents. One of the most important is the habitability certificate. An official document that indicates that this space complies with the regulations in force to become habitable.

In Spain, the habitability certificate is a document that certifies that a home meets the minimum habitability and health conditions required by the regulations. The application for the habitability certificate is made at regional level, since each autonomous community has its own regulations and procedures. Below, we provide you with the general process you must follow to obtain your habitability certificate. It should be noted that it may vary according to the autonomous community.

conseguir la cedula de habitabilidad


Before applying for the habitability certificate, you must make sure that the home meets the necessary requirements to get it without inconvenience. In this case, we must make sure that the facilities are in good condition, that the house complies with planning regulations, that the structure of the same is not warned of any problem, etc.

Required documentation

To apply for the habitability certificate you must have some documents that will be necessary for it to be granted to you without any inconvenience. Below we point out which documentation is normally required and which may include:

  • Application form.
  • Identification of the applicant.
  • Technical documentation (plans, descriptive memory, etc.).
  • Installation certificates (water, gas, electricity, etc.).
  • Competent professional

When it comes to obtaining some documents to request a residence permit, you may need the intervention of a competent technician to certify it. In this sense you can hire an architect or a technical architect. He will be able to carry out the inspection and issue the necessary reports. In this way you ensure that everything is in order all the requirements of the habitability certificate.

arquitecto tecnico cedula de habitabilidad

Presentation of the request

When obtaining the habitability certificate you must go to the competent body in your autonomous community. Usually the points in charge are the town hall, the housing ministry or a similar body. Once there, submit the application and the required documentation.

Home inspection

The last step will be to schedule a home inspection with the competent technician. It will be the person in charge who will verify that the apartment or house meets the habitability requirements. If everything is in order and according to the regulations, all that remains is to wait for the habitability certificate to be issued.

Issue and registration

Once the inspection has been completed and it has been verified that the home meets the requirements, the habitability certificate will be issued. Once achieved, this is registered with the corresponding body. It is important that you make sure you get a copy for your personal and housing files. The habitability certificate will be necessary for future renovations or sale of your flat or house.

Keep in mind that these steps are general and may vary by autonomous community. For this reason we recommend that you consult the specific procedure on the website of the competent body in your region. You can also contact them directly for updated and detailed information.