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Advantages of changing the bathtub to a shower

12 June, 2023 · Blog

In today’s bathroom trends, a renovation tops many homeowners’ wish lists. This is a change that takes us to the water area of the bathroom and consists of changing the bathtub for a shower tray. It is currently one of the most popular demands for bathroom renovations

It makes a lot of sense, since with this simple change we can apply several advantages to our bathroom. In addition, we can take the opportunity to renew other details of our bathroom and apply some of the current trends. In general terms, changing a bathtub for a shower is a simple job that can be applied in one or two days.

cambiar bañera por ducha

These are both functional and visual improvements for the use of the bathroom. Changing the bathtub to a shower allows you to introduce new interior designs to completely renew the image. Next, we will list the most prominent advantages that we can obtain in the bathroom with the change of bathtub for shower.

Functional shower

On a practical level, changing the bathtub for a shower tray generates more mobility in the bathroom. Without a doubt, access to the shower is much more comfortable and natural than using the bathtub. This is a very important factor, as it allows perfect access to the water area for people of all ages.

This is precisely one of the most prominent advantages when opting for a shower tray. Functionality at the time of access tips the scales many times. In the same way that our water area will be ready to be used at all times with great comfort. Its use is suitable both for the most relaxed moments and for the vivacity required in everyday life.

Sometimes doubts arise between bathtub or shower regarding the cleanliness of the bathroom. We tend to think that a shower tray can generate more splashes for the rest of the stay and it is quite the opposite. Currently, the market has a large assortment of shower screens and other protections that adapt to our needs.

cambio bañera ducha

Design shower

Another advantage brought by the showers in the bathrooms has a direct impact on the overall image of the stay. Generally with a shower tray we will manage to generate more visual space and, in the case of small bathrooms, also physical space. Shower screens also play an important role in this.

Whether they are static, sliding or hinged screens, it is recommended that they be transparent. In this way we allow the light to flow throughout the bathroom without any barrier. The type of closure will also have a connection with the type of shower tray we choose for our bathroom.

In the bathroom renovations sector we will have several options to choose from, both in style and in shape and size. The classic shower tray is joined by the floor-mounted or continuous shower tray. As we mentioned, the available surface will also determine what shape our shower tray will have: square, rectangular, circular, etc.

cambiar bañera por plato de ducha

Change bathtub for shower

If you are thinking of changing your bathtub to a shower these advantages can help you make a decision. As we have explained, a shower tray is very beneficial both in terms of practicality and image. In the same way that it is a reform that can be done independently or next to the whole flat to get the home of your dreams.