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New bathroom design

3 November, 2017 · Blog · Tags: ,

If the day comes what we decide to renew our bathroom we must have several clear things. In addition to knowing what health equipment we want and its characteristics, we can not escape the knowledge that design we want to print in our new bathroom.

There are currently plenty of decorative styles to use in any of the rooms in our home, among which the bathroom is included. In this post we will comment on a bathroom design that generates a cozy, broad visually and offers the best benefits when it comes to making use of it.

Neutral shades

First of all, the best tones to use in a bathroom are the neutral ones. A fan that takes us from the white to the beige, going through soft shades of gray. With this type of colors you will be able to enhance the sensation of amplitude and luminosity in the bathroom, which is essential for our comfort.

These colors can be applied both to the tile and the wall, something we will talk about in the next point.

Tiled at half height

As for the design of the bathroom, something that works very well at the moment is tile at medium height. In this way we will have half wall tiled with tiles and the rest will be painted, of the same color or a very similar. In this way, different colors can also be combined to achieve the same effect.

Bathroom design in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have a department specialized in bathroom design and renovation. You can contact us and we will inform you of our services without any commitment.