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Bathroom renovation in Barcelona: Felip II street

A new bathroom renovation in the Sagrera neighborhood in Barcelona. This project sought to give the bathroom a facelift, with a clean design that is both modern and timeless. After the reform, we get a functional and aesthetic space.

This bathroom renovation highlights our versatility as a renovation company. We work both in Barcelona city and in the surrounding areas and offer a personalized service. Our goal is to help you get everything you need for your new home.

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New image of the bathroom

The first step of the project was to define it aesthetically. One of the client’s priorities was for it to be clean and for the finishes to give light and spaciousness to the space. With these main premises, we have chosen the materials and finishes for the bathroom. The walls chosen are a claret color that contrasts with the darker floor, both large-format pieces. The wall that collects the shower is a smaller format and a beige shade similar to the rest of the bathroom which helps us integrate it into the rest of the design.

The rest of the sanitary elements are white, while the toilet and the auxiliary furniture are finished in wood to bring warmth to the room. The taps, all stainless steel, are embedded in the wall thanks to transdos that have been built which, apart from allowing the taps to be embedded, have served us to make two niches, one above the toilet and one inside the shower like a soap dish.

In terms of lighting, this project has been designed with completely watertight bull’s-eyes recessed into the ceiling and a backlit mirror serving the washroom area.

Equipped bathroom

Apart from the aesthetic bathroom design, we have fully equipped it with new sanitary ware. We offer a wide and varied catalog to be able to adapt to the needs of our customers. In this case, we have followed a line of practical furniture, not overloaded and functional.

The most characteristic elements of the bathroom are the toilet which consists of a centered sink with two suspended drawers, ideal for cleaning. A toilet, in this case with an exposed cistern and a resin shower tray with a sliding screen that prevents water from escaping when used.

Bathroom renovation budget

We are in charge of listening to what you need and preparing a tailor-made and personalized project for your bathroom renovation. Request your estimate without obligation by calling 93 209 97 17.