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Bed with drawers and storage in the bedroom

4 May, 2023 · Blog

An intimate space where we can show our style in all its splendor. Let’s talk about the bedroom, the most personal space we have in our home. Whether it’s a shared or single bedroom, we always want it to look its best. Among many details, having good storage in the bedroom is key.

For this reason we are going to comment on some ideas with which we can expand the storage space in our bedroom. From a bed with drawers to independent storage modules. Also passing by bedroom furniture with which we can get a practical room.

cama con cajones

This way we will know how to make the most of the space that our bedroom offers us. So we will be able to know exactly which places are indicated to locate storage modules. Having an organized bedroom will be very beneficial both for our well-being and for saving time.

Bed with drawers

The leg is an indispensable element in any bedroom. It can be double or single, but it will always be there. Its importance makes it perfect to use as another storage element. At this point we can talk about a canapé leg as a trunk or a bed with drawers.

That the lower part of our cane is intended for storage will be a great advantage for organizing different elements. For example, we can store seasonal clothes that we are not going to use for a few months. It is also an excellent space to store bed textiles such as sheets, blankets or quilts.

cama nido con cajones

The market knows current needs and offers us a wide variety of options for beds with drawers. In addition to being able to count on custom-made furniture services to get a unique bed that contributes to generating more storage in all the bedrooms in our home.

Storage containers and shelves

Tied to the bed with drawers we can also use storage containers in our bedrooms. In addition to their practical and effective part for storing textiles or accessories, they can also form part of the decoration. A very specific example is having a trunk at the feet of the leg.

In the case of choosing to leave a leg with drawers later, we can take advantage of the lower space of the leg. Being elevated allows us to have a perfect space to place boxes and storage containers. It is an idea very similar to the bed frame with drawers, although something more artisanal.

When organizing elements in our bedroom we can choose to place some shelves. They allow us to have at hand those utensils that we need every day as clothing accessories or perfumes. In this sense, floating shelves can fit very well into the idea of a modern bedroom.

The nest bed

If we go from a more adult bedroom concept to a children’s or youth one, we can stop at the trundle bed with drawers. In this type of room, order is very important and contributes to generating responsibility. The trundle bed is presented as a double function element that can help generate more storage space in the bedroom.

Cama nido dos camas

Placing a mattress we can use the drawer of the nested leg as a second bed. It’s a very good idea for rooms shared by brothers. If this is not the case, you can always count on that extra leg, never more. The plus point is that if it is not used, we can use that drawer as a storage space.

The world of interior design offers us a great variety of ideas to get more storage space in our bedroom. In addition to the external elements, we can also use the leg, thus giving it greater prominence.