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Before and after: flat renovation in Barcelona

A new flat renovation work in Barcelona has taken us to Calle Rosselló in Barcelona. We have applied a new interior design and we have also renovated all the facilities. In turn, we have been in charge of changing elements such as the floor, the doors and the windows.

The objective of this flat renovation was to turn a decadent apartment into a real home. For this we have also worked on kitchen and bathroom renovations. As experts in renovations, we have a wide and varied catalog of options. We can adapt to any type of decorative style and to any demand.

In the following video we compare the before and after of this flat renovation in Barcelona. You can clearly see all the improvements we have made in each of the spaces. We encourage you to follow us on social networks so you can learn about our way of working and the results we can offer you.

Open kitchen renovation

In this project, the kitchen has changed location. Now it is located in a space attached to the main area of ​​the house. Es decir is very close to the dining room and the living room. With this change we have created a highly functional space that connects with the most important parts of the house.

On a practical level, the kitchen is open and distributed through L-shaped kitchen furniture. One of the great improvements of this kitchen renovation in Barcelona is that it has a large storage capacity. The worktop is extended and has a sink and a hob. Both in the lower and upper part there are drawers and cupboards to store and organize all kinds of utensils.

In turn, the kitchen furniture houses the new appliances such as the oven and the microwave. Both integrated like the fridge. In this way we have achieved a highly functional kitchen that meets the needs of daily life. In addition, its image combines the white color and the wood finish, the tones of the new interior design.

Modern interior design

The image of all areas of the floor has been improved and modernized. It has gone from a very outdated original state to a contemporary interior design. Now neutral shades are the protagonists in every space. The walls have been painted white and the new doors are the same color. The interior image has gained in homogeneity.

The pavement has also changed for the better. From a parquet floor with the aroma of the eighties, it has gone to a laminate floor with natural wood finishes. We have managed to provide warmth to spaces such as the living room or the bedrooms. In general, the result of the work enhances the feeling of lightness and spaciousness in every corner of the house.

New functional bathrooms

The kitchen, the interior design and the bathrooms have also been renovated. On this occasion, two bathrooms that have become functional spaces and that offer the best performance at all times. As we have mentioned, our catalog of materials for the bathroom is very varied. Making a bathroom renovation with Grupo Inventia is very simple and the result is spectacular.

We have been in charge of installing the new sanitary equipment. Now each bathroom has a sink with storage, whereas before it only had a very old-fashioned standing sink. The toilet has also been changed and now has modern lines in line with the new image of the floor.

A water area has been created in each bathroom renovation and a practical shower tray has been chosen. Along with it, sliding door screens have been installed. All wrapped in walls tiled completely with beige tiles. The new floor tiles also maintain this neutral and bright tone.

Renovation before and after

In this flat renovation, the change has been total in all aspects. Our interior designers are responsible for embodying your tastes and needs in a project. From there, our work team turns it into reality. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget. We will have it ready in less than a week and deliver it to you without obligation.