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Before and after house renovation: Escultor Canet street

One of the house renovations that we have completed takes us to Escultor Canet street. This is a very complete job to improve all aspects of this floor. A work of renovation in Barcelona that has involved all our departments. Now this house has everything necessary to respond to current needs.

We have managed to equip this floor with functional spaces and with guaranteed equipment. We have also furnished all the bedrooms so that they fulfill their function from day one. The change before and after this house renovation can be seen in the following video.

Contemporary interior design

One of the most notable changes in this house renovation is the change of image in all areas of the home. Seeing the original state, it is clear that it needed a facelift and an update. Based on the needs of the owners, our interior designers in Barcelona have created the perfect project.

We have applied a contemporary interior design with the aim of creating cozy spaces. For this it is necessary to provide each space with more light and visual amplitude. In this case we can focus on the living room or the bedrooms, although it has been applied throughout the house.

Neutral color paint has been used for this. Concretely, the walls have been painted with a soft beige tone. So natural light can reach any corner of the house with great ease. It goes well with the new parquet floor and makes the white doors we installed stand out.

L-shaped kitchen

The kitchen has changed location compared to the original layout. It has gone from being an independent kitchen with many shortcomings to an open kitchen equipped with the essential appliances. A glass ceramic plate and a single sink have been installed on the main worktop.

This area also has a large storage capacity. Various drawers and cupboards have been arranged in the lower and upper part of the worktop. On the left side, another piece of kitchen furniture has been placed with custom-made holes for electrical appliances. Now the kitchen has a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave grouped in one area.

Equipped bathrooms

Other spaces that have benefited from this house renovation include the bathrooms. The original ones were pulled down and two new bathrooms were built. In both cases, the same design and equipment have been used to update them. They are presented as functional spaces both in the day to day and in the most relaxed moments.

Each bathroom is equipped with a sink with storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray. This is basic sanitary equipment for a bathroom renovation to offer the best performance. In the same way, they also have other elements such as the ballroom mirror that has been placed over the toilet.

The new bathroom design follows the contemporary lines of the rest of the house. The stalls have been tiled at medium height with white beveled tiles and a hydraulic type floor has been installed. This creates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere that turns bathrooms into ideal spaces.

House renovation in Barcelona

Comparing the before and after of this house renovation in Barcelona, ​​it is clear that Grupo Inventia knows how to handle your project. We adapt to your needs and budget by offering materials of proven and reliable quality. We attend to you personally to request your renovation budget and inform you of everything you need. Call us at 93 209 97 17.