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Before and After: bathroom renovation in Barcelona

A few days ago we presented on this same website the general finishes of the bathroom renovation that we carried out in the Sancho de Ávila street in Barcelona. We are now preparing to buy the before and after this reform, as the changes made will be better appreciated. With this bathroom renovation in Barcelona we can see that with the right professionals a space can improve everything.

In this project we have been responsible for completely renewing both the image of the bathroom and its sanitary equipment. Our interior design and construction departments have worked hand in hand to achieve the best result. All based on the needs of the owners and thanks to our wide range of options.

One of the strengths of our renovations company Grupo Inventia is the versatility of our professionals. Thanks to this we can work with any decorative style and adapt to all types of budgets. If you think it is time to improve your home, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. We will deliver a personalized and detailed project at no cost or commitment.

Modern image

One of the first points to address in this new bathroom renovation is its new image. Although the original appearance was not very old-fashioned, it did require a good facelift. For this project our department of interior design in Barcelona has worked based on a contemporary design style.

Neutral and relaxed tones have taken center stage in it, both in the new tiling of the walls and in the new pavement. In this way a very bright and visually spacious bathroom has been achieved. These are very important features for a stay of daily use and as necessary as the bathroom.

New tiles and pavement

In this bathroom renovation in Barcelona, the old white square tile has been removed. The passage of time had made a dent in them and they had already lost the vitality of the first days. For the new tiling of the walls, tiles with a rectangular shape and a soft shade of gray have been chosen. Now you breathe a much nicer atmosphere.

The hue of the new pavement is also gray, although a little more intense to be well defined. In this aspect a great change is noticeable. It has gone from a dark terrazzo floor to light tiles that enhance the brightness in the bathroom. In addition, now the global image of space is much more homogeneous.

Functional toilets

Another necessary change in this bathroom was that of its sanitary equipment. In this plot has opted for modern and functional toilets. At Grupo Inventia we work with the best distributors on the market and guarantee the quality of each piece we install. On the wall on the right side it has gone from a pair of toilet and bidet to just toilet, although with an excellent improvement.

In this aspect a floating toilet has been installed with the cistern hidden in the wall. If enough space is available, this is a highly recommended option. It generates a more moderate image in the bathroom and greatly expands the visual space of the room. The button on the cistern is white, so it also fits perfectly into the overall image of this bathroom renovation.

At the back of the room we find a floating bathroom cabinet with a light wood finish. Visually it is perfect and in practice provides a greater storage capacity than the original furniture. Its four drawers guarantee a perfect organization of all products and hygiene items. For its part, the sink is round in design and has an elegant matte black faucet.

Bathtub change by shower

One of the practical and visual improvements is found in the water area. In this aspect it has gone from a bathtub to a shower tray at ground level. It is definitely a big change, as a shower adapts perfectly to daily needs and those more relaxed moments.

The faucet in the new shower is also black and in line with the sink. A work shelf has also been built to be able to organize the bath gels and have them within reach. This new shower is protected by transparent partition doors. Practical and easy to clean, in addition to not leaving visual space to the bathroom.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

Everything you need for your new bathroom we have in Grupo Inventia. We will develop a custom project that will include floor plans and accurate 3D renderings so you can see your bathroom renovation before work begins. We will deliver all this to you free of charge and without obligation.