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Before and after flat renovation in Barcelona

One of the home renovations we have recently completed is on Mallorca street in Barcelona. There we have taken care of completely renovating all aspects of the home to make it a 100% home. To do this, we have worked with projects to improve the interior design and all the facilities. It includes the equipment of key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Grupo Inventia’s renovations are characterized by being tailored to the needs of customers. Our advice is personalized and is maintained throughout the project process. Our catalog allows us to adapt to all styles and budgets and can offer the best qualities on the market.

In this renovation in Barcelona the changes are very noticeable, as they have improved every inch of the house. To check this we compare the before and after, the best way to see all the changes that have been made in a renovation work. Before commenting on every detail we share a video comparing the before and after of the house renovation.

Cozy home

One of the demands of this house renovation has been to update the interior design of the flat spaces. Originally this house did not have an organized interior design and had a different decoration and materials in each room. Our interior designers in Barcelona are in charge of remedying these inconveniences.

The original image is reminiscent of the style of the eighties and has been discarded. It has been updated applying a contemporary interior design with a strong presence of neutral tones. With this type of colors you get neutral and cozy spaces, ideal for a family home. They also allow light to spread to all corners, creating bright and spacious spaces.

In this way, the colors white and soft gray have been used for the new painting of the walls. These are combined with a new floor, an imitation wood ceramic floor that extends almost all over the floor. Changes have also been made to the aluminum carpentry windows and the new white doors. Thanks to the interior design project, this house has a modern image that is in line with the present.

Open kitchen

Another of the visible changes of this house renovation we find in the kitchen. Comparing the before and after kitchen renovation is spectacular. This space has gone from being an independent kitchen to an open kitchen with a U-shaped distribution. Now the kitchen offers perfect mobility and each element occupies the most functional space for use.

The left side is occupied by an elongated worktop that provides a support surface and is equipped with a hob. It also has drawers and cabinets for kitchen storage at both the bottom and top. The kitchen cabinet twists to the right and has custom-made openings to integrate appliances such as the fridge, oven and microwave.

A kitchen bar occupies the right side of the space. Its countertop expands the support surface in the kitchen and also has a sink. It can also be used as a breakfast bar. The countertop protrudes from the base and creates a perfect space for relaxed meals.

Modern bathroom

The before and after bathroom renovation is also spectacular. It has gone from an obsolete bathroom to a modern and highly functional space. The interior design has been changed and the sanitary parts have been redistributed. Now the bathroom responds to current needs, both daily and in the most relaxed moments.

One of the new sanitary elements is a floating washbasin with built-in storage furniture and which crowns a large bathroom mirror. It is accompanied by a classic-style toilet with a cistern on the back, although with modern lines. In the water area, the bathtub has been replaced by a practical shower tray that is protected by sliding door partitions.

A complete bathroom renovation in terms of equipment and also in the sense of the image. The original tiles have been replaced by very elegant gray tiles. The old stoneware floor tiles have also been renovated with a soft beige ceramic floor. Overall it is a functional and modern bathroom.

House renovation budget in Barcelona

If you think it’s time for a before and after in your home, contact us and tell us what you need. We draw up house renovation budgets and deliver them to you free of charge and without obligation. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request yours.