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Before and after: flat renovation on Casanova street

One of our most recent works takes us to Casanova street in Barcelona. Here we have taken care of completely renovating an apartment to turn it into a real home. That is why we will compare before and after this flat renovation in Barcelona. It has gone from a dull and deteriorated home to a livable and very functional space.

Thanks to the accumulated experience and the versatility of our professionals we can adapt to all decorative styles. We also adjust to every budget by offering proven market qualities. So this flat renovation meets the needs that the owners have requested.

In the same way that we have taken care of furnishing all the spaces of the house. At the renovation company we also offer a tailor-made furniture service. Our operators are in charge of assembling and placing all the furniture. So you can enjoy your new home from day one.

Interior design and furniture

One of the first steps in this renovation in Barcelona has been to establish what image the flat should have. A contemporary interior design has been chosen that can fit with many decorative styles. Our interior designers in Barcelona has been in charge of advising the owners throughout the construction process.

Painting work has been done to move from white, dirty walls to soft beige walls. In this way a lot of light is generated in each space and also a cozy atmosphere. These details are also enhanced with the new pavements that have been placed. Laminate flooring has been placed in the bedrooms. While in the kitchen, bathrooms or living room a hydraulic type floor has been chosen.

We have also been responsible for furnishing all the spaces of this flat in Barcelona. In the main area we find the living room and dining room. The first one we furnished with a sofa, a rectangular table and a TV anchored to the wall. For its part, the dining room has a table and chairs for several diners.

Open kitchen

One of the important changes in terms of visual and distribution we see in the kitchen. It has gone from being a separate space (which is now a bedroom) to being an open kitchen. It is located to the right of the entrance to the apartment and shares space with the dining room. Thus, the kitchen becomes connected to other spaces and is more functional.

The kitchen is distributed in an L-shape and has everything you need to meet current needs. It has two sections of countertop that offer surface of support and that are instrumented with a vitroceramic plate and a sink. Both the bottom and top have cabinets and drawers for storage.

The appliances have been integrated into a kitchen furniture module. There are custom holes for a fridge, oven and microwave. The kitchen furniture is white and integrates perfectly with the overall image. With this kitchen renovation it has been possible to modernize and equip a living space for all homes.

Modern bathrooms

In the same way that the kitchen has been renovated, bathroom renovations have also been carried out. In this floor reform specifically two: a master bathroom and another courtesy. Both have been improved in both image and sanitary equipment. They complement perfectly both daily use and for more relaxed moments.

Now each bathroom is equipped with a sink with built-in storage, a toilet and a water area. For the latter, a shower tray has been chosen that is protected by sliding door partitions. With this bathroom renovation, highly functional spaces have been achieved.

The same design has also been chosen for the two bathrooms. The original tiles have been removed and the walls have been tiled halfway up with white beveled tiles. The brown tile floor has also been changed to a high energy hydraulic type floor.

Budget without commitment

At Grupo Inventia we make sure that your flat renovation is perfect and has everything you need. We draw up your renovation budget in less than a week and deliver it to you without any commitment. Request it by calling 93 209 97 17, one of our professionals will attend to you in person.