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Before and After: flat renovation in Passeig de Sant Joan

A few days ago we showed you the final result of the flat renovation that we have completed on the Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona. It has been a very complete job that has involved all our departments. On the one hand, our interior designers in Barcelona have been responsible for developing a project to modernize the image. In the other, the construction team has been responsible for making it a reality.

An excellent team work for this flat renovation in Barcelona. If we watch the following video we will see the effectiveness of Grupo Inventia’s professionals in the reform sector. To see more videos before and after we invite you to follow our Youtube channel. We have created a specific list to check how we improve the condition of a home.

Open kitchen

One of the first improvements in this flat renovation we see in the kitchen. It has gone from being an independent room to being open. In the section that used to occupy a wall, it now has a great kitchen bar. It has generated a perfect space for relaxed breakfasts and meals. It has also expanded the support and work surface in the kitchen.

On the other hand the kitchen furniture is much more functional. It has an L-shape and all appliances are integrated into it. It also has a closet in which the washer and dryer have been placed. In this kitchen renovation, the available space has been used to the maximum. In the same way that it now has more storage capacity. Both at the bottom and top of the countertops there are several drawers and cabinets.

Renovated bathrooms

In this flat renovation, work has also been done to improve the bathrooms. This has implied a radical change both in the image and in the sanitary equipment of the same. The idea of a three-piece bathroom has been maintained, although with an updated and modern image. The original tiles have been replaced by beige ceramic tiles. In this way, two bright and visually wider spaces have been achieved.

In the same way, the new sanitary ware contributes to generating more functional and suitable spaces for any moment. Washbasin, toilet and shower tray are top brands and our professionals have taken care of their correct installation. Following this flat renovation, the owners have durable equipment and guarantees.

Interior design

When comparing the before and after in this flat renovation we must mention the new interior design. As can be seen in both the video and the photos, the original image was out of date and needed a change. Dim and overwhelming rooms have given way to bright and spacious spaces. Now the house looks much more welcoming.

The new pavement also plays a key role. It has been worked on the basis of a contemporary design and the wood finishes of the new parquet floor play in favor of a warmer image. In the kitchen area, the original brown stoneware floor has been replaced by a more neutral hydraulic floor.

Flat renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we offer you the best solutions to all your needs. Your new home will have everything you need. We adapt to your style and budget, generating a unique and tailor-made flat renovation project. To request yours you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this short contact form.