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Before and after home renovation in Comandante Benítez street

We have finished a new work of home renovation in Barcelona. We have been in charge of completely renovating a house located in Comandante Benítez street. Now this home has a cozy and familiar atmosphere, as well as complete equipment in the key spaces.

Comparing the before and after this renovation in Barcelona we can see the great changes and improvements we have made. Among them, the relocation of the kitchen stands out so that it is connected to other spaces in the house. Also the new contemporary image that generates a very pleasant atmosphere in all spaces.

So that all the changes are visible, we compare the before and after of this integral renovation project in the following video. This and much more are available on our YouTube channel and other social networks. If you think it’s time to renovate your home, follow us and get to know first-hand our way of working.

Modern image

One of the first points established in this home renovation is the new image of housing. In this way we have been responsible for erasing the outdated image of all its spaces and applying a modern design with current finishes. Our interior design experts in Barcelona have been responsible for turning the wishes of the owners into reality.

A complete paint job has been carried out and the image has been modernized in all spaces. This includes the living room and dining room, bedrooms and hallway. A white paint has been chosen that allows the light to flow very easily. We have managed to give this house more light and a feeling of spaciousness.

The new color of the walls is also accompanied by the new doors, frames and plinths, which are also white. In this way the image is homogeneous and linear. Leave behind the decoration of the past and show a much more contemporary image. In spaces such as bedrooms, this environment works very well, as it is cozy and warm.

The new image is also enhanced thanks to the pavement change that we have carried out. In this renovation in Barcelona, ​​we have replaced the entire parquet floor. We have changed the original, very worn by use and the passage of time, and we have placed a new one. The current parquet floor has a very pleasant natural wood finish.

Renovation kitchen

One of the most significant changes in this home renovation is that of the kitchen. Originally it was located in an independent space and now it is a kitchen open to the dining room. With this improvement we have managed to connect the kitchen with the rest of the house in an organic and fluid way.

In addition, the kitchen is U-shaped and offers excellent mobility when using it. Each element is located in the right place to offer the best performance. In this way, the kitchen is distributed through three worktops that provide support and work surface. The glass ceramic plate and the sink have been installed in them.

One of the countertops functions as a kitchen bar and creates a perfect space to make relaxed meals and receive visitors. For their part, the new appliances are integrated in the far right of this kitchen renovation. They consist of a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave.

Functional bathroom

Another space that has been greatly improved is the bathroom. It remains in its original location, although it has a new interior design and modern and functional sanitary equipment. Thanks to our extensive catalog of possibilities and the advice of our professionals, a bathroom renovation is very simple.

Now the bathroom has a sink with built-in storage furniture that allows perfect organization of all products. Right next to it is the toilet that has a classic image renewed with the cistern in the back. In the background is the water area. In this case, a shower tray has been chosen that is protected by sliding door screens.

For the new image, a contemporary interior design has been applied, as in the rest of the house. We have managed to give this bathroom a cozy and fresh atmosphere. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles and a new gray tile floor has been laid.

Home renovation budget

There are many befores and afters that we have compared and all of them show an incredible improvement. Our professionals will be with you throughout the work process so that you are up to date with the progress being made. To start, you can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget. In less than a week we will have it ready and deliver it to you without any obligation.