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Before and After: house renovation in Berruguete street

Recently we present to you the general finishes of the house renovation that we have finalized in the Berruguete street of Barcelona. In this text we want to expose the before and after the work done and how both the image and the equipment have been improved. It has been a project of house renovations in Barcelona very complete and tailored to its owners.

At Grupo Inventia each project is treated in a personalized way and we offer the best options to each client. Our wide range of products allows us to adapt to any decorative style and budget. All this offering the best qualities on the market. We only work with proven producers and distributors.

With Grupo Inventia, the house renovation of your home will be a success. You can request your plus budget project by calling 93 209 97 17 and we will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment. Just like in this house your house will have a spectacular change and you will have everything you need.

New image

One of the points to be improved in all our house renovation is the aspect of interior design of the house. For this reason we have a department specializing in interior design that advises owners at all times. This time it has opted for a contemporary style, generating bright and spacious spaces.

Most of the walls of the house have been painted a soft shade of gray. In this way natural light can reach any corner of the house and brings more personality than the classic white color. The doors, frames and plinths have also been changed. To replace the originals with wood finish, the color white has been chosen. This has led to a more modern image.

Another notable improvement has been the installation of a new pavement. On the largest surface of this house has been placed a floor of laminate parquet in medium shades of wood. Much more cozy and warm than the original tiles. In general, the ideal image and atmosphere that a real home must offer has been achieved.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen remains in its original location, although both its furniture and equipment have been completely renovated. The main kitchen cabinet has been placed on the right side. It is L-shaped and has storage capacity at both the bottom and top. Keeping order in this kitchen renovation will be very simple.

The two sections of worktop provide a lot of support and work space. They have also been equipped with a ceramic hob and a sink. One of the novelties is the kitchen furniture placed on the left side. The rest of the appliances have been integrated into it. We talked about the fridge, the oven and the microwave.

For the new image of this kitchen a white piece of furniture has been chosen, the same color as the countertops. It combines very well with the new gray tile floor, creating a very bright and spacious atmosphere in a space of daily use. The door and window giving access to the gallery have also been changed. They are now made of aluminum carpentry and perfectly airtight.

New bathrooms

As this is a house renovation, the two bathrooms in the house have also been renovated. Like the kitchen they remain in their original location, but look new. Each bathroom has a complete and functional sanitary equipment. A sink, a toilet and a shower tray. A bidet has also been placed in the larger bathroom.

For the new image of this bathroom renovation, the general line of the house has been followed. Two spaces of fresh atmosphere have been obtained in which the luminosity and the visual amplitude have been enhanced. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles and a matching ceramic floor has been placed.

Some details of this bathroom renovation in Barcelona is that the toilets have the cistern hidden in the wall. This increases the visual space in each room. Also worth mentioning are the new bathroom mirrors. Both are large and are located on the floating sinks that have a storage unit.

House renovation before and after

Comparing the before and after a house renovation is an effective way to check the great work done by Grupo Inventia professionals. Based on the tastes and needs of each owner we find the finishes that best suit their style. In this way we managed to create current and highly functional image homes. You can contact us via WhatsAap (icon at the top right) and request your no-obligation renovation quote.