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Before and After: house renovation in Ginebra street in Barcelona

After carrying out this work of house renovation in the Ginebra street of Barcelona we want to compare his before and after. Again a great work of the team of Grupo Inventia, managing to renew and improve interior design and equipment. Now the house has a modern image and is ready to offer the best benefits in daily needs.

The before and after this house renovation in Barcelona is presented in the following video. As you can see the change is very significant. The improvement of the aesthetic aspects has also led to the demolition of walls to generate new spaces. This is a house renovation designed to the millimeter and in which every corner has become functional.

Open kitchen renovation

One of the first changes of this house renovation we see in the kitchen. It has moved from an independent room to a kitchen open to the livingroom. It is now integrated into the overall design and blends in perfectly with the rest of the space. More visual space has been generated and a very bright space has been achieved.

As for the practicality, the kitchen is distributed in an L-shape. It has storage capacity at the bottom and top of the worktops. In addition to custom gaps to integrate appliances. In general, a kitchen that offers a lot of mobility and is highly functional.

New bathroom

Another important stay that has been improved in this house renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. From a narrow space and out of phase in image it has become a spacious bathroom with a cozy atmosphere. The original tiles and flooring have been replaced by beige tiles. It now offers a nice and very bright image.

For the sanitary equipment, a three-piece bathroom has been chosen. In this way a washbasin with built-in storage cabinet has been placed. This way all kinds of bath products can be organized. It is followed by a modern toilet and a walk-in shower. The result of this bathroom renovation is that of a functional space.

Interior design project

In addition to improving the equipment of the rooms mentioned in this house renovation, a new interior design has also been printed throughout the house. We have worked with a contemporary style interior design with large and bright spaces. The goal was to achieve cozy spaces that could be combined with all types of furniture.

In this way the walls of the floor have been painted white and allow natural light to expand to each corner. The original stoneware floor has been replaced by an imitation wood ceramic floor, providing warmth to the rooms. All doors and windows have also been renovated, for which aluminum carpentry and double glazing have been used.

House renovation in Barcelona

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