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Before and After: house renovation in Barcelona

After showing you the result of the house renovation that we have completed on Mallorca street in Barcelona, we now compare the before and the after. It has been a very complete work in which the image of all the rooms has been improved and the facilities have been renewed. With this house renovation, the home is ready to guarantee the best benefits.

All this thanks to our team of house renovations in Barcelona. Our experience in this type of work can be seen on our Youtube channel, where we share all the projects we are finishing. Once again we have managed to renovate and improve the performance of a home and in this case also keep some original elements.

Renovated interior design

All our house renovations in Barcelona are based on an interior design project. We shape the needs of the owners in a visual way through the plans and 3D renderings that reflect the final result. In this way you can know what each stay will look like before the works begin. In the same way that it allows a large margin to make the changes that are considered opportune.

This time it leaves behind a somewhat outdated image to give way to very bright and spacious spaces. We have worked with a contemporary interior design which has resulted in a very pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Most of the walls have been painted a soft beige tone that allows light to expand to every corner.

Another of the visual aspects that has been renewed in this house renovation is the pavement. The original parquet floor, somewhat outdated, has been replaced by a modern laminate flooring in medium shades of wood. In this way a more homogeneous image is obtained throughout the house. For its part in rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms has opted for a very resistant ceramic floor.

New bathrooms and kitchen

Our house renovations in Barcelona also include improvement work in key areas of the house: bathrooms and kitchen. In the existing bathroom, the image has been completely renewed and new sanitary equipment has been installed. After the work of integral reform it fulfills all the requirements for a functional and precise use.

A new bathroom has also been created in the original space occupied by the kitchen. This one is presented with a contemporary design just like the previous one and has a complete sanitary equipment. It consists of washbasin with storage unit, floating toilet and shower tray. For its part, the kitchen has been relocated to what was originally a bedroom.

In this way the kitchen renovation is distributed in a U-shape and offers all the current facilities. It has a large support and work surface and the storage capacity has been expanded. In turn, the new appliances have been integrated into the kitchen furniture. Refrigerator, oven and microwave are ready to use.

House renovations in Barcelona

Our specialists in house renovations in Barcelona will ensure that your new home has everything you need. We work with a wide range of possibilities and adapt to all styles and budgets. To request your house renovation project you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this web form. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without any commitment.