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Before and After: house renovation in Robrenyo street in Barcelona

A few days ago we showed the final result of the house renovation that we completed on Robrenyo street in Barcelona. This time we want to compare the before and after. In this way, the change and improvements made in this renovation in Barcelona will be much better appreciated. A project in which our interior design and construction teams have done their best to adapt this home to current needs.

In the following video, which you can see along with many more on our Youtube channel, we make the change much more visual. Grupo Inventia professionals advise you personally and offer you the best solutions to all your needs. With this before and after house renovation, our professionalism is evident.

New interior design

One of the improved aspects that can be seen at first sight in this house renovation in Barcelona is the new interior design. The house had an old-fashioned look and now looks very current. Original elements such as the exposed brick wall and the vaulted ceiling in the living area have also been restored and maintained. In this way a modern image has been printed, although knowing how to preserve the charm of yesteryear.

In general, it has opted for a contemporary style interior design with the aim of achieving very bright spaces with a feeling of spaciousness. To do this, the walls have been painted white. This is a safe bet that allows natural light to reach every corner of the house. The kitchen has also been integrated into the visual ensemble, in which new white furniture has been installed.

Another aspect improved in terms of interior design in this house renovation is the pavement. The original and dilapidated stoneware floor has been replaced by a parquet floor in light shades of wood. The overall image of the house is much more stylized and has a very strong and durable surface.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

As it could not be otherwise, the kitchen and bathroom spaces have also been improved in this house renovation. Both have adapted to current needs with first-class equipment and ready to offer the best features. In turn, the image of the kitchen and bathroom has also been modernized.

It has gone from a separate, narrow kitchen to a kitchen open to the livingroom. To do this, wall demolition work has been carried out with an excellent result. The new kitchen has been arranged in an L-shape and has all the necessary appliances. In turn, the new white kitchen furniture provides ample storage capacity. It has drawers and cabinets both at the bottom and top of the countertop.

Something similar has happened in the bathroom renovation. From an old-fashioned space in need of improvements, it has been transformed into a complete and functional bathroom. The general interior design has been followed and the walls have been tiled with white tiles. As for the sanitary equipment, a new washbasin, toilet and shower tray have been installed.

Before and after house renovation

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we elaborate each project in a personalized and tailor-made way. Your needs will be covered by the experience of our interior design and construction departments. We guarantee the best results in your house renovation. You can request your project + budget by calling 93 209 97 17.