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Before and after: house renovation in Llull street

We recently presented a house renovation completed on Llull street in Barcelona. Now we want to compare the before and after of the work done. When you’re in the house renovation area, comparing the original and current state is perfect for capturing all the improvements that have been made.

This time there were several, as we went one step further to improve the interior design, renovate key spaces or lay the new flooring. For this house renovation project we have also taken it upon ourselves to knock down some walls and redistribute the rooms. The main objective is to make the most of the available space and achieve a functional home.

Before detailing the changes we’ve applied to this floor, we’re sharing a full before-and-after video. On our YouTube channel we have a list dedicated to before and after renovations we have completed. We exhibit them in detail and in all locations, since we work both in Barcelona city and in near municipalities.

Open kitchen

One of the most significant changes in this renovation in Barcelona is the creation of an open kitchen. In its original state, the kitchen was in its own and independent space, separated from the rest of the areas. Now the kitchen has been connected to both the living room and the dining room, achieving more fluidity and mobility.

In this case, the kitchen remains in its original location and to expand the space further, a bathroom has been omitted. In this way, the kitchen is distributed in an L shape and open to the living room. In addition, the areas are separated by a half-height wall that can be used to support kitchen or decorative elements.

The kitchen has plenty of storage capacity and custom-made voids to accommodate the new appliances. Specifically, the kitchen has a fridge, oven and microwave. On the other hand, it has two sections of kitchen counter that offer a wide support and work surface. We have equipped them with a vitroceramic plate and a single sink.

New bathroom

As we mentioned, to expand the space available in the dining room and living room, we demolished the space that was occupied by a bathroom. For this reason, we had to relocate him to one of the rooms on the floor. The change has been for the better, as the cleaning space is now larger and has been able to be distributed better.

We have also modernized the image of the bathroom and it is now much changed from the original. For example, dark brown tiles have become beige. In addition, by having a much larger window there is more natural light in the bathroom. The atmosphere is much cooler and pleasant.

Regarding the sanitary equipment, we have installed three new pieces that provide a modern image and functional use. They consist of a toilet with storage furniture, a toilet and also a shower tray. The water area is protected by transparent screens that allow natural light throughout the stay.

Modern design

As a house renovation should be, we have also taken it upon ourselves to update the interior design of each space in the house. We had to fix all the walls by filling and smoothing each one. Later we painted them white to finish sealing them and apply the fashion image.

Among them stands out an exposed brick wall that we have also painted white. We have previously taken it upon ourselves to restore it and bring it back to maximum vitality. Thanks to this new image, we have created bright and welcoming spaces. In the main living room, the two large entrances of natural light that illuminate the entire floor stand out.

Another novelty brings us to the flooring that we have changed throughout the floor. We replaced the original tile floor with a parquet floor in medium wood tones. In addition to the aforementioned features, the new parquet flooring generates warmth. With all these improvements we have managed to transform a flat with many shortcomings into a real home.

House renovation in Barcelona

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