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Before and After: house renovation in Calle López Catalán

We recently presented the finishes of the house renovation that we took care of on López Catalán street in Barcelona. As is well known, all results come from a start, in this case a home that needed to be improved. So let’s compare the before and after of this new renovation in Barcelona.

As can be seen in the video, our team has worked to improve both the image and the equipment of the house. Now it has a current design and ready to offer the best comforts to its owners. In our Youtube channel we have a list dedicated to the before and after house renovations that we have completed.

Modern image

One of the first points to improve in this new house renovation was the genius image of housing. As you can see the original condition was battered and now looks modern and modern interior design. The aim was to generate bright and spacious spaces, something that has been achieved by applying a contemporary style interior design.

To achieve this, the walls have been painted white, achieving a better expansion of light. In the same way, a greater feeling of spaciousness has been generated. This is an essential feature in any home and provides a lot of comfort. For the new doors and windows, the color white has also been chosen. As for the pavement, the original stoneware floor has been replaced by a parquet in medium wood tones.

Open kitchen

In this renovation in Barcelona, the kitchen has also been renovated. A relocation of the room has been made and now there is an open kitchen. In this way it has been possible to make the most of the available space and create a new bedroom in the original location of the kitchen.

The kitchen is distributed linearly and has everything you need to offer the best features. It has a support surface and storage capacity, as well as custom holes to integrate all appliances. Its image follows the general line and has opted for a white kitchen furniture.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom has also been improved thanks to the house renovation work. It remains in its original location, but has a new image and has a completely new sanitary equipment. It consists of a washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a shower tray. The result is a bathroom for functional use.

The image has also greatly improved and now looks much more modern. It has gone from a dark and narrow room to a very bright and visually spacious space. All the walls have been tiled with beige tiles, the same color that has been chosen for the new floor tiles.

House renovation in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia’s experience guarantees the best result in your house renovation. Our professionals adapt to all styles and we have a wide catalog of options and budgets. To request the project of your house renovation in Barcelona you can fill out this contact form or call us at 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.