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Before and after: house renovation in Melcior Palau street

A few weeks ago we finished a house renovation in Melcior Palau street in Barcelona. As with every project we complete, we are responsible for sharing the result and exposing the improvements we have applied. Now we want to buy the before and after of the house in question.

Thanks to the joint work of our departments, we have managed to turn a flat without too much charm into a real home. Now each of its spaces is presented with a modern image and transmits a very cozy atmosphere. We compare the improvements and changes we have made in the following video.

Contemporary interior design

One of the first steps in this house renovation has been to establish the new image of housing. This time we opted for a contemporary interior design with neutral tones in each of its spaces. Most of the walls have been painted white, the color indicated for the light to flow to all corners.

The new doors and furniture are also white to contribute to a homogeneous and linear image. These are perfect features to print a modern image in a home. We have also combined it with wood finishes, especially in the new parquet floor that we have installed.

We have also taken care of restoring the interior stairs that connect the floors of this house. The original stone steps have been covered with wooden sheets to match the new flooring that we have already mentioned. For its part, the metal railing with wooden handrails has been maintained.

Open kitchen renovation

One of the key spaces in a contemporary home is the kitchen. It is an area for daily use and which must offer the best performance. Now the kitchen on this floor presents itself as the perfect place both to prepare meals and to carry them out. One of the novelties of this kitchen renovation is that it is now open and has a breakfast bar.

The kitchen layout is U-shaped and distributes the new elements in an effective and organized manner. One of the keys to our kitchen renovations is that we personalize and adapt them to the comfort of their owners. In this sense, the kitchen has been equipped with all the essential appliances.

It now has a fridge, oven and microwave, all brand new and of proven brands. The original furniture has also been removed and a much more modern one has been placed in line with the new image. The kitchen furniture is white and the panels of its drawers and cupboards are smooth. Another advantage of this kitchen renovation in Barcelona is that the storage capacity has been expanded.

Functional bathrooms

The bathrooms are kept in the original location, although they are totally different. We have been responsible for modernizing its image and also installing functional sanitary equipment. In the case of the toilet, it has a new toilet with built-in storage furniture and a toilet.

In the case of the main bathroom, it also has a new toilet and toilet. The difference is that in this case it has a water area in which we have installed a shower tray. It is a large space and is protected by transparent sliding door screens.

For the new image of these bathroom renovations, it has been chosen to maintain the decoration applied in the rest of the house. In this way, both toilet spaces have a modern image and with neutral tones. We have created two bathrooms with a fresh and very bright environment that respond effectively to any need.

House renovation before and after

Our house renovations are customized for each case, we offer the best options for all your needs. To request your renovation budget you can call us on 93 209 97 17.