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Before and After: house renovation of Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona

We recently showed the final result of a new house renovation in Barcelona. Specifically made in a house located on Avinguda Diagonal. This time we will compare the before and after to see more clearly the improvements that have been made. A house renovation in a duplex apartment with interior design work and equipment installation.

In the following video we present this before and after. As you can see the change of image is very noticeable in all its spaces. In order to see more house renovations that we have completed you can follow us on our social networks. On these platforms we share all the projects we carry out both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns.

The renovations company Grupo Inventia is known for its versatility. Our professionals adapt to any need of the owners. We have the experience and key tools to adapt to all styles and budgets. In our projects we offer you a variety of options for your new home with the best qualities on the market.

Open kitchen renovation

Before commenting on the general aspects of the house we stop in the new kitchen. In this house renovation project, it has gone from a kitchen located in an independent livingroom to an open kitchen. A change that alone generates more visual space at the entrance of the house, where the kitchen is located.

The space available to make the most of a functional kitchen that allows excellent mobility has been made the most of. An L-shaped kitchen cabinet has been installed in the right area. It has a large storage capacity, support surface and a hob and sink have been installed on the worktops. A kitchen bar has been arranged on the right side and the new appliances have been integrated at the bottom of the room. They consist of a fridge, oven, microwave and wine cellar.

Another change in this kitchen renovation refers to the image. As you can see in both the video and the photo gallery is a great improvement. It has gone from old-fashioned wood furniture to furniture that is much more in keeping with the overall look. The kitchen furniture is white and a very bright and visually spacious space has been generated.

Bathroom renovation

The image and sanitary equipment of one of the bathrooms on the upper floor have also been improved. It remains in its original location and the layout is the same, although it is now much more modern. The green tiles have been removed from the walls to be tiled with new beige tiles. In this way, natural light spreads easily throughout the space and creates a much more welcoming atmosphere.

The old white tile floor has also been replaced by one with a finer and more discreet finish. Now the floor of this bathroom renovation is presented in tiles with a soft beige finish. For its part, the new double washbasin has a piece of furniture in its lower area. It comes with a wood finish that fits perfectly in the new image.

The rest of the sanitary parts have also been replaced. In this case a bathtub and a toilet. Both occupy their original position, although a shower tray has also been installed next to the new toilet. In general, a highly functional bathroom has been obtained that offers the best features in its use.

New interior design

Commented on the improvements that have been made in the kitchen and the bathroom, the interior design of all the spaces has also been renewed. Our interior designers in Barcelona have worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. In this house, the abundant wooden roofs have been removed to make way for bright and spacious rooms.

It has been achieved thanks to the use of neutral tones to paint the walls. Also been replaced on the old pavement. It has gone from a dark parquet floor to another with a much softer finish. In this way a much lighter and more welcoming global environment has been generated.

The stairs that connect the two floors of this house have also been rehabilitated. Wooden steps and black metal railings have been maintained. All this after having supervised its safety and being able to guarantee a correct and resistant structure. In this way it has been possible to print the image and atmosphere of a real home.

House renovation in Barcelona

For Grupo Inventia, each house renovation project is unique and works based on the needs of its owners. We offer personalized advice from our specialists so that your home has everything you need. To request your house renovation budget you can call us at 93 209 97 17. I will deliver it to you without any cost or commitment.