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Before and After: house renovation in Pujol street in Barcelona

To check the effectiveness of a house renovation there is nothing better than comparing your before and after. We recently completed one of the house renovations we had in place. Specifically on Pujol street in Barcelona. We have presented its finishes on this same website and now we will see the improvements that have been made.

From an original state that needed urgent improvement and modernization it has moved to a modern and highly functional home. A house renovation project in Barcelona that has involved interior design work, renovation of facilities and changes of floors, doors and windows. In addition to the installation of new equipment in rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Thanks to the experience of our professionals we can guarantee the best result in the interior renovation of your home. Each project is made in a personalized way and tailored to each client. We offer the best options adapting to your tastes and budget.

Kitchen relocation

One of the first improvements we discussed about this house renovation in Barcelona is the one that affects the kitchen. This time the kitchen has been relocated inside the house. In its original state it occupied the first room of the corridor. Now it goes to the second room, being much wider and more open.

In this way the kitchen is closer to the diningroom, a much more convenient location. Being an open entrance also helps to generate more visual space and offer greater mobility. In the aesthetic section, we have opted for a contemporary style kitchen. Colors such as white and wood finishes are the protagonists.

The new kitchen renovation is arranged linearly on the left side. There is a large countertop that has been equipped with a sink and a ceramic hob. In turn it has new appliances integrated in the same kitchen cabinet. The oven is at the bottom and the microwave at the top. The refrigerator is camouflaged by the cabinet doors at the far right.

Bathroom renovation

The bathrooms have also been completely improved in this house renovation. The guest bathroom has been kept in its original location, although it has been completely refurbished in terms of image and sanitary equipment. The original aged tiles have been removed and the walls have been tiled with beige tiles. In this way, a much more pleasant space has been created.

On the other hand, the sink and the toilet have been modernized. In the water area, the bathtub has been replaced by a practical shower tray. The old terrazzo floor has been replaced by a beige stoneware floor. Now the bathroom is a homogeneous image space with a fresh and modern atmosphere.

Taking advantage of one of the rooms, a new bathroom has been built. Much more spacious and works as a master bathroom. A design similar to the previous one has been used, applying tiles and beige floor. The sanitary equipment is also of three pieces, counting on a washbasin with storage cabinet, a toilet and a bathtub.

Image change

After commenting on the improvements in space as necessary as the kitchen and bathrooms we will expose the improvements in the general interior design. The original condition of the house was not adequate to function as a home. The passage of time was obvious and required professional work to adapt it to the present.

In this case the whole floor has been changed. The old parquet floor has been removed from the living room and there is no terrace floor in the bedrooms. In its place has been placed a floor of laminate flooring in medium shades of wood. It is a resistant and durable material, in addition to providing warmth in all spaces of the home.

The walls have been painted white and very bright and spacious rooms have been achieved. Thanks to this, it has also been possible for natural light to spread throughout the floor. In accordance with this change of image the doors have also been renewed. The old dark wood finish doors have been replaced by modern white doors. This process has also been carried out with the windows.

House renovation in Barcelona

In general, it has been possible to turn a home into a home that had many defects. Now this floor is invaded by a very pleasant contemporary interior design that connects with current trends. All this thanks to committed professionals who have worked from minute one to execute a successful house renovation.

For Grupo Inventia, each project is a challenge and that is why we treat it in a personalized and professional way. To request your house renovation budget you can call us at 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.