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Before and After house renovation: Vilamarí street

House renovations continue to take place in Grupo Inventia. Our renovation company continues to transform obsolete homes into functional homes. We recently completed a rehabilitation work on Vilamarí street in Barcelona. If we compare the before and after this house renovation we can see a big difference.

At Grupo Inventia we have the best professionals so that your home has everything you need. Our versatility allows us to adapt to any decorative style. We also work with a wide range of materials and offer the best value for money. Visit our Youtube channel and discover more house renovations carried out by our team.

New contemporary interior design

Comparing the before and after this house renovation, it is clear that the image has been completely renewed. The initial state indicated that each room needed improvements in everything: finishes, painting, installations or change of pavement. After listening to the needs of the owners, we have opted for a contemporary interior design.

Thanks to this, very bright spaces with a feeling of spaciousness have been achieved. Two essential features for a home today. To obtain it we have painted the walls white in spaces such as the livingroom and bedrooms. In addition, the house has large entrances of natural light and so you can reach every corner.

The pavement has also been renovated. It has gone from an old-fashioned terrazzo floor to a modern imitation parquet ceramic floor. The wood finishes bring warmth to the environment as well as being a resistant and durable material. Visually, the before and after of this house renovation is more than evident and satisfactory.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation

In this house renovation in Barcelona, the kitchen has also been completely renovated. The most notable change is from a separate kitchen to an open kitchen to the livingroom. In addition to modernizing the appearance of the house, it also generates more visual space and space. Now the kitchen is distributed in an L-shape and fully integrated into the overall interior design.

The kitchen has two sections of worktop equipped with hob and sink. It has a large storage capacity in both the lower and upper area. The oven has been integrated into the furniture in the lower part and the refrigerator is camouflaged by the doors of the kitchen furniture. All wrapped in white furniture with some wood finish.

Another improved space in this house renovation is the bathroom. The before and after is very remarkable, as both the image and the medical equipment have been renewed. The initial tiles have been removed from the walls to paint the walls white and enhance the brightness and spaciousness of the room. The walls of the toilet and shower have been tiled with white square tiles.

As for the toilets, it has gone from four to three much more modern and functional pieces. We have a washbasin on a square design with storage capacity in its lower area. Next to it is a floating toilet with a hidden cistern. The bathtub has been replaced by a shower tray, much more practical and functional. The new shower is protected by transparent sliding door screens.

House renovation in Barcelona

Does your home need a house renovation? We put at your disposal the best professionals in the interior design and renovation sector. We work both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby towns and we give you project + budget free and without obligation. You can request it by filling out this contact form or by calling 93 209 97 17.