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Before and After: kitchen renovation in Badalona

One of the recent works we have done in Grupo Inventia takes us to a house on Conquista street in Badalona. There we took care of a complete kitchen renovation. We will review the new design and equipment comparing the before and after the stay. Thanks to this we will be able to see the complete services in kitchen renovations that we offer in our company.

In addition to working in Barcelona city, we also travel to nearby towns. As is the case of this kitchen renovation in Badalona, which we present its finishes in the following video. To request your most budget project you can call us at 93 209 97 17.

Distribution and appliances

This time the kitchen has been kept in its original location and the L-shaped layout has been maintained. Given the characteristics of the room is a good option and could be further enhanced with a proper kitchen renovation. After the work done we find a very functional space.

The new appliances have been integrated into the kitchen cabinet and have been placed at the far right. They consist of a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. All appliances are presented with a stainless steel finish. One of the first changes is the aforementioned kitchen furniture. It has gone from worn and outdated furniture to a uniform, more modern piece with ample storage capacity.

Immediately afterwards, a new worktop was installed, which provides a large support and work surface. A modern ceramic hob has been installed on it. This is accompanied by an extractor hood that is camouflaged in the upper cabinets. The worktop turns to the left and gives way to a second section. It is located under a large window and is equipped with a sink.

Design in kitchen renovation

Another point to improve in this kitchen renovation is the image of the room itself. As with the equipment, a complete renovation has been carried out, both of the furniture and of the tiling of the walls. The latter have been covered with white tiles, ideal for generating a bright space with a feeling of spaciousness. In general lines we bit for a contemporany interior design with neutral colors.

Now the kitchen furniture is white and one piece. It has several drawers and cabinets for storage both in the lower and upper area of the countertop. The original floor tiles have also been replaced by a gray stoneware floor. A durable material that can be easily cleaned.

Kitchen renovation Grupo Inventia

At Grupo Inventia we work with a wide range of options for your kitchen renovation. This way we can adapt to all styles and budgets without sacrificing the best quality. On our Youtube channel you can see more kitchen renovations we have done. Surely you see a project with the details you want for your kitchen.