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Before and after the renovation in Barcelona: Sant Fructuós street

One of the most recent renovations in Barcelona that we have completed takes us to Sant Fructuós street, an area close to Plaza Espanya. Comparing the before and after can see a lot of changes. Improvements that we have carried out both in the aspects of the interior design and in that of all the facilities.

Just by comparing the original state and the final result we can show the excellent work done by our professionals. This has been a very complete house renovation in which even a redistribution of stays has been made. Current spaces are not in their original location and this means precise and tailor-made work.

The kitchen, the bathroom or the bedrooms have been greatly improved after the work of Grupo Inventia. We present them all in the following video that we have also shared on our Youtube channel. To see all the renovations projects that we have completed in Barcelona and its neighborhoods, follow us on social media, new content every day.

Open kitchen

One of the most important changes in this renovation in Barcelona is the transition from a separate kitchen to a kitchen open to the livingroom. In addition, the new kitchen has been installed in a different place from the original. A perfect wall demolition has been carried out and the space has also been redistributed.

Now being an open kitchen is much more connected and thanks to its design has been perfectly integrated into the rest of the house. To do this, we have opted for white kitchen furniture that generates a large and bright space. It is combined with gray countertops and a parquet floor that is present on most of the surface of the house.

In addition to the change of image, the kitchen renovation has involved the installation of new appliances. Among them is the ceramic hob, placed on one of the two countertops in this kitchen. At the far left, the oven, the microwave and also a wine cellar have been integrated into the kitchen furniture. For its part, a custom space has also been left in the kitchen cabinet for the refrigerator to be placed.

Functional bathroom

Another space renovated and relocated from its original position is the bathroom. In fact, he is occupying the room where the kitchen was originally located. A change of this style is the best example to check the professionalism of our team of interior design and renovations in Barcelona.

Everything has changed with respect to the original image. Now the bathroom is presented as a cozy space and offers a perfect environment for daily use. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles. For its part, the new pavement is made of gray tiles. It is a perfect material for the bathroom, durable and easy to clean.

This bathroom renovation has been completed with the installation of new sanitary equipment. It consists of a floating washbasin, a bidet and a toilet. All these pieces are presented in modern lines and are ready to offer the best features.

For its part in the new water area has opted for the installation of a bathtub. The space is ideal to have it and also has the function of shower. A sanitary piece that adapts to the needs of the moment. To protect the rest of the room from splashes the shower has a screen.

New interior design

Within this house renovation in Barcelona, work has also been done on a complete makeover project. Based on the tastes of the owners, a contemporary interior design has been printed in all the spaces. It is a modern image capable of generating cozy and warm spaces.

To achieve this, the walls of the living room, the bedrooms and other spaces such as the hallway have been painted white. In this way, natural light also flows easily into every corner of this floor. Following this line of contemporary style, new white doors have also been installed.

Another detail that completes the new image of this flat in Barcelona is the pavement. Keeping the idea of a modern and neutral image, a parquet floor has been placed in medium wood tones. This finish also helps to generate more warmth, an ideal feeling in spaces such as bedrooms.

Budget renovation Barcelona

Improving the image and equipment of your home is much easier than you think. Contact us and find out about the services we offer at Grupo Inventia. We take care of all kinds of house renovations both in Barcelona and nearby. You can request your renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17.