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Before and After: renovations in Barcelona

One of the jobs we have completed takes us up to Padilla street in Barcelona. We have taken on the task of completely renovating a house that needed updating. To appreciate all the changes we compare the before and after of this project. With our renovations in Barcelona, we turn flats into real homes.

Now this flat on Padilla street has everything you need to offer the best services. The improvements we have made are both at the level of interior design and equipment. In this sense, we are responsible for carrying out renovations in Barcelona that are personalized and tailored to each client.

The comparison before and after this house renovation can be seen very well in the following video. On our YouTube channel we have a list dedicated to all before and after renovations. In this way we can present our work and show the changes we can carry out in all types of housing.

Open kitchen on two fronts

The kitchen renovation has brought about a big change, both visual and practical. The original kitchen was located to the left of the entrance in a separate room. Now the kitchen has a distribution on two fronts and occupies the entire entrance of the house. In this way we have given the kitchen perfect mobility.

The new electrical appliances are located in the right place to offer functional use. On the left side, several appliances have been integrated such as the fridge, the oven and the microwave. It also has storage capacity and support and work surface.

On the right side, an elongated worktop equipped with a sink has been placed. Both the upper and lower parts have wardrobes and drawers that expand the storage in the kitchen. In turn, a new appliance such as the dishwasher has been integrated into the lower part of the worktop.

Kitchen design

The kitchen renovation has also involved improvements in the interior design. It has gone from a space with clear signs of wear and tear to a bright and visually spacious space. In kitchen furniture, it is white and enhances the brightness and the spaciousness. It is combined with the wooden finishes of the parquet floor and the kitchen bar.

Bathroom design and equipment

Another of the spaces that has been renovated in this apartment on Padilla street is the bathroom. As in the kitchen, we have also been in charge of improving the image and the equipment. In this way we have gone from an old-fashioned bathroom to a modern toilet space that meets current needs.

We have removed the original tiles for a much finer tile with a current image. The walls have been tiled with soft beige tiles and a gray tiled floor has been laid. In this way, the new image is much more contemporary and homogeneous.

We have also been in charge of changing all the sanitary equipment with functional and better distributed pieces. The floor-standing sink has been replaced by a floating sink with two drawers for storage. The two drawers ensure a perfect space to organize all hygiene products.

The old toilet has been replaced by a floating toilet. Now the cistern is hidden in the wall and more visual space has been generated. In the water area, the shower has been kept, although now a shower tray has been placed at floor level and protected with a transparent screen. The image of the whole bathroom renovation is much better than the original.

Budget for renovations in Barcelona

Our renovation company in Barcelona prepares bespoke and personalized projects. Each job is unique and we prepare it based on the tastes and needs of each owner. To request your renovation budget, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. We will have it ready in a few days and deliver it to you without obligation.