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Bull’s eye lights: versatility and elegance

31 July, 2023 · Blog

As an interior design and decoration company we have to stay up to date with current trends. We are in a sector that introduces new things daily and we want to be up to date to offer the best options to our customers. Among our services we have painting work, laying of floors or, what we want to talk about, lighting installation.

Bull’s-eye lights are currently the most popular option. People interested in renovating their home know about the advantages it can bring both on an aesthetic and practical level. In the same way, the market works to continue improving its offer and create the bull’s-eye light that adapts to every need.

ojo de buey

We usually use this type of lighting in our renovations in Barcelona. Bull lamps are perfect for family and contemporary style flats. They perfectly replace the classic lamps and offer better performance. We will discuss the key points for choosing the bull’s eye over other types of lighting.

Embedded bull’s eyes

If we start with the aesthetics, bull’s eye lamps look good in any space. Since it is an integrated lighting, they are perfectly at the height of the ceiling or the piece of furniture where we place them. In this way, more visual space is generated, as we do without hanging lamps or floor lamps.

At an aesthetic level, the bull’s-eye light is versatile and we can adapt it to any area of our home. The bull’s-eyes in the dining room will provide us with a pleasant and relaxed image for meals with family and friends. On the other hand, bull’s-eyes in the bedroom contribute to generating a cozy and ideal atmosphere for rest.

From here we can decide which part they illuminate and the intensity of the bulbs. It is a very discreet lighting option that fits many decorative styles. In contemporary, minimalist, industrial interior design and many more, bull’s eye lamps are well received.

ojo de buey cocina

Bull’s eye functionality

In addition to the aesthetic section, the bull’s eye offers us different alternatives to illuminate our flat or house. This aspect, the led bull’s eyes are the ones indicated to unite interior design and energy efficiency. In addition to the savings it brings to the electricity bill, the product is also less expensive than traditional lighting.

Obviously, this advantage affects other positive aspects. On the one hand, they last longer than classic light bulbs. On the other hand, having more light power and the spaces in our home will always be well lit. In addition, each led light has a specific design and a very simple installation inside the bull’s eye.

Another point in favor of the union between functionality and design is the possibility of having a light intensity regulator. This way we can enjoy the lighting that best suits us at every moment. All breast dressed in the adaptation and elegance that a round bull’s eye brings.

ojo de buey baño

Interior lighting tips

Since we use bull’s-eye lights in many of our interior renovation projects, it didn’t seem necessary to point out all the advantages. If you are considering installing them, the market offers a great variety in both design and price. For any query you can contact specialists like us.