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Get small bathrooms with charm

27 September, 2023 · Blog

If there is one space in our home that must present the best features, it is the bathroom. It is a space used daily and where we do our hygiene tasks. Cleanliness and order are unquestionable. Just as every home is a world, there are also bathrooms of all kinds. We will focus on small bathrooms and how to make the most of their potential.

When it comes to a small bathroom there is a wide variety. The decoration and equipment are determined by different issues. They can be: the space available, the location within the house, if it is the only one or is it complementary, etc. In this way we will propose how to achieve charming small bathrooms.

baño pequeño blanco

That is why we will present several ideas about the possible sanitary equipment, the color for small bathrooms and other details regarding the functional decoration. With a good combination of all we can achieve an ideal cleaning space suitable for use at any time.

Small full bathrooms

We understand that our charming small bathroom can be fully equipped. In this way we would have a space to carry out basic cleaning tasks. At the same time, it would also work as a bathroom. If it is the second cleaning space, it can function as a complement to the main bathroom.

To have a minimally functional batroom, you need a sink and a toilet. They are two basic sanitary items that provide us with the essentials in our cleaning space. Now, what do we do if we want a small bathroom with a bathtub? As we mentioned above, it is a factor that will depend on the space available.

For these we can find on the market bathtubs made especially for small bathrooms. Rectangular or square, we will have several options to choose from. However, if we want a water area and there is no bathtub, we can opt for the shower. A shower tray in a small bathroom is perfect. It is able to provide maximum functionality and is more versatile when it comes to being able to install it.

baños pequeños con encanto

Color for small bathrooms

In addition to the sanitary equipment, we also have to repair what color we choose for our charming small bathroom. We have several options, although depending on the size of your stay there are certain combinations that will fit much better. From the start, a small bathroom is presupposed with neutral and clear tones.

The aim is to counteract the small space and enhance the feeling of lightness and spaciousness. In addition, being a room for daily use, it will also bring more freshness and comfort. For this order the indicated colors are white, beige or grey. In short, shades that allow light to flow and illuminate the entire bathroom.

From here the color for small bathrooms can be applied in different ways. The most used are painting the walls with special paint for bathrooms or tiling them. If we opt for the second option, the possibilities are greater. The great variety of shapes and finishes of the bathroom tiles allow us to adapt it to a neutral style.

Accessories for small bathrooms

Another important aspect to achieve charming small bathrooms are the accessories we add. In this case we are referring to functional elements that provide a practical sense. The most common are the bathroom mirror, the towel holder or different containers to place toothbrushes, hand soaps or other hygiene accessories.

colores para baños pequeños

Other accessories for small bathrooms can also be an electric towel rail, very useful in cold seasons. If space allows you can also add a vertical wardrobe to get extra storage space. As it is an elongated piece of furniture, it can be placed in any corner of the bathroom.

Each of these are actions that we can apply ourselves to achieve a charming small bathroom. We can also count on the help of professionals in the sector and make a project to small bathroom renovation.