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Create Christmas decorations

5 December, 2017 · Blog

We approach a few days, regardless of the decorative design we have in our home, we will find a space for Christmas decorations. We can find them from all ranges and adapt to our style, but there is nothing better than creating them ourselves.

Christmas is a very homely time of the year and we will receive several visits, which is why we will discuss some ideas for you or your family to create your Christmas decorations.

Wooden tree

Over time, the Christmas tree has allowed the imagination of the most creative people to awaken and now you can see hand made firs of all kinds of materials. But a simple and practical idea when doing it with wood.

In this case, an option that will have space in any corner of the home is to give the fir tree a wood, be it a sheet or even a pallet. In this way we will achieve a perfect triangle that we can decorate without problems.

This last aspect can also come out of our hands, since with a little mastic or clay we can create a multitude of figures that are characteristic of Christmas decoration. We refer to stars, candy, Santa’s, and so on.

Decoration 3D

Another option of hand made Christmas decoration is to create one of the reindeer of Santa Claus in 3D. This will love the smallest of the house and it is a very simple task, since with a large cardboard we can do it.

It’s about drawing the reindeer’s pieces on the cardboard, trimming them and snapping them like a puzzle. Obviously, before mounting it can be decorated and painted the way you like it. In turn, you can also decide on the size, so it will occupy the space you want.

Christmas decorations

Good Christmas is worth a different and cheerful decoration. If you have doubts about how to combine your personal style with Christmas decorations, Grupo Inventia has an interurism team that can advise you in all your needs. You can contact us and we will inform you without obligation.