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Decorate a small livingroom

23 March, 2016 · Blog

Many of the owners who come to the headquarters of Grupo Inventia in Barcelona to perform the integral reform of your home, have a small livingroom or, in other cases, shared with other areas of the home as the kitchen or diningroom. Obviously these cases require more detail by our department of interior design, as they have to furnish a small lounge but must offer the same benefits and comforts of a standard size.

That’s why in Grupo Inventia interiorism we devote this post to share tips and ideas for furnishing, design and decorating a small livingroom.

Neutral tones

Being a small space, one of the main objectives will be to generate more spacious feeling. Therefore, our allies will be neutral colors like white, beige, gray, etc.

Such tones are best suited because they are able to duplicate the light, in this case, a small livingroom. In addition, these colors very friendly, very easy to combine with all kinds of textiles (tablecloths, curtains, etc.).

Natural and artificial light

Obviously, if a small livingroom has a good natural light have gained long as it is something that will help us to fully meet all of the above. However, caution should be used and not too opaque curtains that could prevent further entry of light.

If natural light is not enough, we can always resort to artificial lighting. In the case of small spaces are highly recommended porthole lights, because in addition to fulfilling its function perfectly, are a very discreet.

Storage capacity

Being a small room, we do not have the surface that we would like to put all our books, CDs, decorative items, etc. In short, we do not have much space to put items you want. So have a good storage capacity is essential in a small livingroom.

To achieve it, we have several ideas such as libraries that cover an entire wall, make the bottom of the chair or sofa style sofa or use as a trunk or similar coffee table. With the latter, in addition to achieving greater storage capacity, is printing an original touch in the design of our home.

Small livingroom

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