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Decorative carpet options for your home

9 August, 2023 · Blog

In the interior design sector we can find all kinds of decorative elements for our home. Some remain over the years, and there are others that are more ephemeral. Within the first group we find the rugs, a decorative element and which also has part of functional.

The use of decorative carprts is an ideal resource for dressing all kinds of stays in our country. In addition, the market knows very well that it is so and is responsible for making rugs of all kinds. If we need to buy a decorative carpet, it will be very easy to find one with the right colors and shape.

alfombra grande

In the same way, rugs are made of different materials to obtain a wide range of prices. The market adapts to the needs of each interested party to offer a great variety. From here there is a protocol in terms of shape and colors according to the general decorative style and the place where the decorative rug is placed.

Large carpet

When we think of a large carpet for the decoration of our house, it goes to the living room or the dining room. These are the main spaces of a house and those that allow us more possibilities when wearing the pavement. In addition, a large carpet in the living room or the dining room also helps us to delimit its area.

In the case of the dining room, it is indicated for using a rectangular carpet. In this way we can place the table and the chairs on top and mark the wonder dining area. In the case of having a round table, we can follow the same steps with a circular carpet. In addition to decorating our dining room, it will also be a perfect protection for our land.

alfombra decorativa

For an area like the dining room, it is advisable to use dark shades that fit the global interior design. In this way, different shades such as gray or brown can be an excellent complement. We can also opt for a black carpet as long as it is accompanied by other details of the same tone.

Small carpet

If so far we have noticed the large spaces of a house, now we will see these smaller areas. For this we will focus on using the decorative carpet in a personal space like the bedroom. Here we present our tastes and we want to get a cozy and pleasant space for our rest.

There are several areas for the bedroom to place a small decorative carpet. In addition, it will have its functional part, as it will allow us to walk pleasantly throughout the room. In this case we can put small rugs on the sides of the bed. At the practical level, it is a perfect idea for both bedtime and to get up.

On the other hand, in the decorative aspect, we can place a rug at the foot of the bed. Given by the design of the global bedroom, a round carpet can be an ideal decorative element. In this sense, we can be more creative with the forms of the carpet and even with its colors.

alfombra redonda

Being a small carpet, not large carpet, as was the case with the dining room and the living room, we can use it to apply a color point. In this way we manage to apply a point of dynamism without making it difficult for the relaxed climate of the bedroom.

Decorative carpets

Carpets can be an ideal element at a decorative level. They are economical and we can find different types, colors and sizes. Getting what best suits your style will be very simple.