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Design and image in open kitchen renovations

11 February, 2021 · Blog

In several of the last house renovation works we have done we have had to work with open kitchen renovations. Many customers who come to Grupo Inventia offices request this type of change in their apartment or house. This is one of the most requested options and that is why we offer all kinds of possibilities in this plot.

Open kitchen renovations involve much more than a renovation of furniture and appliances. Once the space is open it must fit in with the rest of the house. In our kitchen renovation department we have professionals in kitchen design and interior design so that the result is perfect.

Before discussing several of the benefits of open kitchen renovations we share the following video. In this we explain how we work when carrying out a kitchen renovation, either open or closed. To know more details of our work in the sector of the reforms of house we invite you to follow our Youtube channel.

Larger visual space

One of the first changes generated by the open kitchen renovations is that more visual space is obtained in the house. We went from independent rooms to an open space that generally responds to the search for greater spaciousness and brightness. Effectively we will be able to unite the kitchen to its annexed space, either the living room or the diningroom. This is usually the case in most cases.

In addition to a greater visual space, we will also be able to provide more functional mobility. We will have connected two rooms that will allow us to enjoy greater fluidity. One of the fears in open kitchen renovations is that the work done in the kitchen will not affect the other space. Currently the market offers a wide variety of extractor hoods so that there is no worries. In Grupo Inventia we work with the best brands and there will be no impediment for you to enjoy an open kitchen.

Open kitchen design

Another important point in the open kitchen renovations is the new design of the same. This must be in tune with the rest of the spaces and is something that can be achieved in a very simple way. Our renovations company has interior design and decoration professionals to fully succeed in the new kitchen design. In addition, our versatility allows us to adapt to any decorative style and budget available.

While the final image can be homogeneous, there are also options for effectively dividing the two spaces. For example we have the kitchen bars. They provide other options in terms of distribution and allow you to visually divide the spaces despite being connected. They also generate an ideal space as a breakfast area and the like.

Open kitchen renovations

At Grupo Inventia we have carried out many open kitchen renovations and we can guarantee the best result. Each project is accompanied by 3D renderings in which you can see what the final result will be and make any changes you deem appropriate. To request your project you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this contact form. We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.