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Dress a home with vintage decor

4 March, 2014 · Blog · Tags:

Among all current decorative styles, there is one that has a slight advantage over the rest, it’s vintage. Vintage decor has gained momentum in recent years thanks to this kind of aesthetic taste of the younger population. This style encompasses everything from clothing to home decor, through the means of transport such as bicycles, cars or Notos. This is the trump vintage, which can enchant any lover of the classic in any facet.

But the decor is vintage home where we stop more attention. In this aspect creates a curious phenomenon, as art materials are adapted to aesthetic before, it may seem that no progress in terms of decor. Nothing further from reality, as the vintage decor are chameleon adapts to all lifestyles and all objects. Anywhere in a home can be vintage or retro if used materials and decorative successful.

If you want to get a vintage aesthetic for a house, must take into account some details that can not be missed. For example, the living room of a house should be decorated with vintage moldings on ceilings as they help to provide a more long ago, and the light should be soft, as enhance the presence of furniture the living room. In this respect there is enough to choose from, so do not set a specific type of material for furniture. A stay may be vintage decor with wood or iron.

A decorative style which characterizes the current vintage is the creation of open spaces or open kitchens in the main room. Indeed, the kitchen is also a place where you can use vintage decoration easily. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms and must be customized. For a vintage kitchen decor is best to use white tiles sized, as if they had been prepared for this particular space. To get the true essence of the style, it is best to make a tiled total. Regarding the visual decoration, it is advisable to combine white with black above, which can be used in the kitchen or appliances. If you have space for a table, it can be worn wooden dummy.

The bathroom can also follow a very similar style to the kitchen to get a vintage decor. With a total tiling, take this stay relevant elements such as the bathroom mirror or furniture. The mirror should be large and showy, with a framework to remember the Victorian ie it has a strong presence. Meanwhile, a good vintage decor in the bathroom, claim that the furniture on which rests the sink is made of wood and resembles a comfortable, somewhat unconventional, it seems made especially for this space.

As for colors, never fail the black and white combination. In this case, it is an ideal that has submitted a cool atmosphere, you can use some elements of colors like red, green or blue print dynamism grateful.

Once ready spaces more or less common, the focus should be on the resting place of personal bedroom. In this case, vintage decor can make another decorative style too much current, the minimalist. The vintage style for the bedroom has a very simple pattern, a bed and closet sized are all necessary for a bedroom like that. From here, you can add items like a donkey, ideal for organizing clothes in a lighthearted, desk or table, not very large as in other parts of the house, wooden. Bedroom vintage decor warmth and expected a pleasant climate, with lots of light.

All that has been mentioned is available to anyone, but when distributing space or install any of its elements, it is always advisable to enlist the help of a professional. In this regard, a company of integral reforms in Barcelona has a department of interior design that can be of great help when you decide to decorate a house.