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Energy efficiency and decoration

13 February, 2020 · Blog

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are fashionable, both at the home and business levels. New regulations related to energy efficiency and the effort being made to implement renewable energy systems have led many businesses to increase their activities for energy efficiency.

It may seem a lie, decorating a business can be a great help in improving energy efficiency of a business and in saving electricity.

Energy performance certificate

cocina luces led

The Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27 / EU mandated that every company with more than two hundred and fifty employees or with a turnover of more than fifty million euros must pass, on a regular basis , an energy efficiency audit.

In this sense, an energy efficiency certificate is an official document that provides information on the consumption of a property. The energy audit is a study performed by an auditor and involves an assessment, depending on the state, environment and characteristics of the property, the measures should be taken to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

Businesses should not perform this type of audit if they have an environmental management system approved using a valid energy efficiency certificate.

Decoration and energy efficiency

Efficient decoration uses different decorative objects to increase energy efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of a home.

One of these objects, for example, is the rug, which protects us from the cold of the ground, just as a curtain can protect us from the cold of a window, but they must be translucent so that the natural light.

Another of the systems so that the walls of your business are more protected from the outside temperature, and thus save on air conditioning, is to place boxes or shelves in them.

However, one of the things that can save you the most is lighting. While it is true that light is a vital part of being able to work, some lamps that we place are more decoration than necessary. Using LED lighting can save almost eighty percent on our company lighting.

Also important is the choice of colors in our company. The light colors make the room look larger and reflect sunlight, so there is a greater sense of light.

salon pintura termica

When it comes to painting, one of the biggest breakthroughs is thermal paint. This type of paint is a material that has the ability to insulate and that maintains the optimum temperature inside a building. This type of paint is able to insulate both cold and heat.

This painting was developed by NASA, where it was necessary to isolate the ships in space. After the success in this sector, the industry and the construction took advantage of the success and began to use it. It has been shown in several studies that this paint can save up to 40% of the energy used for air conditioning. In addition, this type of paint prevents the appearance of moisture or mildew.