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Essential furniture in a hall

7 August, 2019 · Blog · Tags:

In our home we want to be comfortable and a way to get it is to print our decorative style in it. It is well known that in the interior design sector the options are endless and we all ended up finding those finishes and elements that define us. Both room for resting, livingroom or bedrooms, as areas for daily use, such as the kitchen or the bathrooms, we can all get the image we want.

Now, this type of decoration we are looking for has to be applied since you put a foot home. That’s why the hall becomes a space that should never be missed, since the options that it brings us are very good and you have to make good use of it. Although it would be difficult to give ideas for each decorative style, we will focus on the essential furniture in a contemporary style hall.

Clothes hangers

With contemporary style or design, we are referring to these spaces where neutral tones are used to paint the walls, parquet flooring is placed, definitely spaces that create a cool and cozy atmosphere. The wooden furniture fits very well with this type of colors, so it will be a welcome element in any hall.

One of the indispensable elements in a hallway is the clothes hangers. This is the area we all use to leave our coats, bags, hats and similar objects. That is why having hangers is essential, since if we use, for example, a chair, everything will end up staggering and will create a messy image.

As in many other cases, the market offers us several options to choose from in this area. One thing that would allow us to make the most of the space would be a wall clothes hanger. The textiles will be left out of any area and a good organization is achieved. If space does not allow us or is an open hall, the classic bar clothes hanger will be a very valid option.

Shoemaker bench

Another necessary furniture in the hall is the shoemaker. As with our clothes, our shoes will stay at the entrance and we can change them for more comfortable sneakers. To organize them, nothing better than a shoemaker. In this case we will go further in regard to interior design and advise a shoemaker bench in which they can be stored below. So our change of shoes will be much more comfortable.

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