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Features about industrial design

28 August, 2015 · Blog

To offer the best ideas and solutions to all owners Grupo Inventia attending to rehabilitate your home, we know the details of all types of styles that are currently at the forefront of interior design.

In addition to providing an improved equipment, Grupo Inventia also have an interior design service, so after listening to the needs and tastes of the owners can work on a specific interior design.

In this post we would like to analyze the characteristics of industrial design, a style that works well in large loft apartments, but can be applied to any type of housing.

Clean and tidy

One idea that comes to mind when hearing the industrial design is that it must have wires, tubes or metal elements. Res farther of reality, already that the industrial design also houses aspects retailers and is very clean and tidy.

Industrial design allows a number of licenses available at the time of its elements. What may seem like a mistake to us, for the industrial design is a personal touch, made with much thought and predetermination. For example, speak not hang pictures on the walls, living in a move infinite but which is actually a feature of order in industrial design.


If anything highlights the industrial design is the breadth of its rooms. Usually a good industrial design advocates open spaces.

Therefore, if we implement a good industrial design in our house we thought about doing some walls fall. Get a great room that encompasses kitchen, dining and lounge is perfect! Also, forget the ceilings, because the higher the better.

Kitchen and bathroom

In these two rooms if you turn to the visual aspect of the industry. Some of the elements must have image wear, but only to look at, because its interior is luxurious. In these cases also will leave some pipes in sight, we do not scare you see pipes and cables, as part of the environment.

Metallic tones, white and worn, may appear to achieve some cold environments, but it will be the opposite.

Grupo Inventia interiorism

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