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Furniture and interior design in Barcelona

We have recently presented the result of a house renovation in Mallorca street in Barcelona. In it we have been responsible for improving the interior design of all areas of the home. We have also renovated and improved the equipment of key rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

This time we also took care of arranging the new furniture in spaces such as the livingroom and bedrooms. Our team of interior design in Barcelona has worked to get those pieces of furniture that fit perfectly into the new image of the home. In the following video we show the result of this renovation project, furniture and interior design in Barcelona. To know more works of Grupo Inventia you can see them all in our Youtube channel.

New interior design and furniture

For the new image of the house, a contemporary style design has been chosen. The walls have been painted white and beige. These are shades indicated to generate very bright and spacious spaces. In turn, a very pleasant and welcoming atmosphere is achieved, ideal for a home. This is combined with a parquet floor in medium shades of natural wood.

Grupo Inventia’s team of interior design in Barcelona has found the furniture the owners needed. We have opted for furniture that combines wood and white finishes. Now the house has a very homogeneous image and has a very functional furniture with ample storage capacity.

Livingroom and bedroom furniture

In the livingroom has been placed a main piece of furniture that has storage capacity and a large surface to place the television. It also has several cabinets anchored to the wall and a large white shelf that serves as an extra complement to storage and decoration.

In the same way, all the bedrooms have been furnished. These have the same image as the rest of the house, with neutral tones and parquet floors. Our department of interior design in Barcelona has opted for furniture that offers good storage capacity. In this way the organization in the bedrooms is ensured. They have wardrobes, shelves and bedside tables. In addition, a sofa has been placed in the master bedroom to expand the storage. All the furniture is integrated into the new image, as they are finished in wood and white.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

This project of furniture and interior design in Barcelona also included the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. The two rooms have also seen all their furniture and equipment renovated and improved. Our renovation company works with a wide variety of products for kitchen and bathroom renovations. With the advice of our professionals, it is very easy for each homeowner to make their home look the way they want.

The kitchen is located in a separate room and offers great mobility. It has a large storage capacity and modern and functional appliances. For its part, the bathroom has a very complete new sanitary equipment. After the renovation it is ready to offer the best benefits in its use.

Interior design in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia’s projects address all aspects of a house renovation. From the interior design and furniture of all spaces to the most complete equipment for key rooms. To request your project + budget you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill out this contact form. One of our professionals will take care of you in a personalized way.