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House renovation in Barcelona: before and after

The best way to see the improvements that have been made in a house renovation is to compare before and after. In some cases it seems incredible that the current home is the original one. Together with the right professionals, you can achieve the best changes in your home. In our renovation company in Barcelona, ​​we have years of experience and therefore we can offer you the best options.

One of the projects we have recently completed is that of a flat in Lepanto street in Barcelona. We have undertaken a radical change and improvements in all aspects of the home. We have worked on a new interior design, we have repaired all the installations and we have equipped it with new appliances and furniture.

Thanks to the versatility of our professionals, we have been able to turn an outdated flat into a real home. Now each space is ready to offer the best performance. From the functionality of the kitchen to the best rest in the bedrooms. We compare the before and after of this renovation in Barcelona in the following video.

Interior design in Barcelona

One of the most appreciated changes is that of the interior design. Our experts interior designers in Barcelona have worked to give this apartment a modern and up-to-date look. For this we have worked on the basis of a contemporary decorative style to enhance the luminosity and the visual amplitude.

The walls have gone from an ocher shade to being painted with a soft shade of beige. In this way the light can flow very easily to every corner of the house. The change of doors has also contributed, since they have gone from wood-colored to white doors. A detail with which a homogeneous image is achieved throughout the set.

All the flooring in the living room, the hallway, the bedrooms has also been changed… A parquet floor has been laid in natural wood tones. This is how the original stoneware floor, which generated an old-fashioned image, has been changed. A hydraulic type floor has been installed in specific areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Open kitchen

In the kitchen we can also see a big change. In fact, it has gone from being a closed and independent kitchen to a kitchen open to the living room and dining room. With this change, much more visual space has been generated and we have managed to give the kitchen a lot of mobility.

It is a linear distribution kitchen with integrated appliances at the ends of the kitchen furniture. On the right side is the fridge and on the left is the oven. The worktop is extended and is equipped with a glass ceramic plate and a single sink. In the lower part it has storage capacity and a dishwasher has also been integrated.

As we have mentioned, the kitchen is open and connected to other areas of the house. It is a very well distributed multifunctional space that responds to any need at all times. The living room space has been furnished with a sofa and a television anchored to the wall. A table with four chairs has also been placed which functions as a dining area.

Functional bathrooms

We have also been in charge of reforming the toilet and hygiene spaces of the home. In this case we have done a bathroom renovation and we have also created a new one. Now this Barcelona flat has two spaces for daily hygiene that complement each other perfectly. For these bathrooms we have opted for a contemporary design and modern and functional equipment.

The new bathroom is equipped with a sink with storage, a toilet and a shower. On the other hand, the bathroom also has a sink and a toilet. The walls of both bathrooms have been tiled with white bevelled tiles and a new hydraulic style floor has been installed. These are two bathrooms with a lot of personality.

Renovation budget in Barcelona

Our renovation company is responsible for offering you the best options for your new home. You will receive the advice of our professionals throughout the work process. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without commitment.