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House renovation and furnitur in Rambla Badal in Barcelona

A few days ago we completed a house renovation work in a home located on Rambla Badal in Barcelona. We talked about the result achieved after the work of rehabilitation of housing and now we want to show how it looks completely furnished. In addition to offering house renovation projects adapted to the needs of each owner, Grupo Inventia also has specialized interior designers.

Before commenting on the most outstanding details of this house renovation work and furniture in Barcelona, we shared a video where you can see the result achieved in both facets.

Livingroom and kitchen

The room where you can see the difference between being furnished and not in the livingroom. This happened to be a reformed space, but empty, to have the necessary furniture to offer the best benefits when used. Now the livingroom has a comfortable sofa and a practical center desk. Therefore, it becomes a space that is suitable for both rest and activity.

Being a somewhat reduced space, television was anchored to the wall. This way you did not lose space by placing a piece of furniture for it. Framed in a design in which the exposed brick stands out, the final image of this livingroom is fantastic and current. In turn, three stools were available in the open part of the kitchen. This way you will find a practical kitchen bar where you can make any daily intake.

Bathrooms and bedrooms

After the house renovation, the bathrooms were already perfect. Both had a very complete and functional sanitary equipment. However, in this process of furnishing several details have been placed. For example, soap dishes and other hygiene items were placed on the sink. In turn, textiles were also available such as bath towels or mattresses.

As in the livingroom, the bedrooms are also other stays that are much more complete once furnished. Now, all the bedrooms of the house have a storage cupboard and a bed. These are two indispensable elements in any bedroom and these are placed in mind to take full advantage of the space available in each room.

House renovation and furniture Barcelona

Grupo Inventia offers you an integral tailored house renovation project that is tailored to your needs. You can contact us and we will inform you of our services without any commitment.