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House renovation in Gran Via Carles III

This new house renovation takes us to Barcelona’s Gran Via Carles III. Here we have taken care of renovating all aspects of a house that now has all the comforts. We have worked based on the needs of the owners to obtain finishes that meet their demands.

You can see the result of this new house renovation in Barcelona in the following video. We invite you to follow us on YouTube and other social networks. We update them with videos of the renovations we have completed both in Barcelona and in nearby towns. In addition, we have specific lists for kitchens, bathrooms or comparisons between before and after.

Contemporary interior design

One of the first points to detail in a house renovation is the new image that the whole house will have. We have a department made up of interior designers in Barcelona who are experts and have extensive experience. They are responsible for giving shape to the owners’ ideas by creating accurate 3D renderings.

In this renovation in Barcelona, ​​it has been chosen to apply a contemporary interior design. It is a very popular choice at the moment. It generates very cozy spaces and adapts very well to different types of decoration. This way you get a pleasant home with a greater sense of warmth.

White paint was used to paint the walls, the same color that was chosen for the doors, frames and plinths. The image is homogeneous and linear, as well as allowing natural light to spread to all corners of the house with ease. The new parquet floor combines perfectly and contributes to creating a greater homely atmosphere.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in a separate room with a rectangular surface. Given these characteristics, work has been done to achieve a linear distribution kitchen. In this way, it is possible to provide the kitchen with greater mobility and functionality. To choose a distribution, the available space must be taken into account and in this case the ideal option has been chosen.

At the far right of the kitchen furniture, a custom-made hole has been left to integrate the refrigerator. From there to the far left there is a worktop with storage capacity in its lower and upper area. The oven and the microwave respectively have been placed in them.

On the worktop, which is white like all the kitchen furniture, a glass ceramic plate and a single sink have been installed. In turn, a custom-made space has also been left in the lower kitchen cupboards to be able to integrate the dishwasher. Through this kitchen you can access a gallery and we have changed the original door to one made of aluminum carpentry.

Functional bathrooms

We have also been in charge of renovating the two bathrooms in the house to obtain two modern and functional spaces. Our experience in bathroom renovations allows us to adapt to any request. In turn, we have a wide and varied catalog for both the design and the equipment of the new bathrooms.

For the new image of the bathrooms, the same design has been used in both and follows the general lines of the rest of the house. The walls have been tiled with rectangular tiles in a beige tone. It has been combined with a new light gray tiled floor. We have achieved a very grateful fresh environment in rooms of daily use.

They also have the same sanitary equipment that consists of three new pieces. Specifically, a toilet with built-in storage, a toilet and a shower tray. Once the bathroom renovations has been completed, we can appreciate two functional spaces ready to offer the best services.

Custom house renovation

Each house renovation project is unique and personalized for each client. We can offer a tailor-made service thanks to our versatility and experience in the sector of comprehensive renovations and interior design. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your budget without obligation.