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House renovation in Canet de Mar

We have carried out many house renovations in the Maresme area and this time we have moved there again. Our team of professionals has been in charge of completely rehabilitating a house located in the town of Canet de Mar. This house renovation project has involved improvements in both the image and the facilities of all the spaces.

Before commenting on them in detail and explaining their choice, we share the finishes in a video. We share our house renovations so that anyone interested can see how we work and how we can adapt to many situations. Thanks to our versatility and price range we can customize the projects offering the best qualities.

Neutral colors

One of the important changes of this renovation in Canet de Mar takes us to the section on interior design. Our team of interior designers has worked on the basis of a contemporary style that makes the most of the benefits of a coastal area. The walls of spaces such as the main area of the house, hallways and bedrooms have been painted in a soft beige tone.

This is a perfect color for the natural light that enters the living room to flow throughout the house. This creates cozy environments that are ideal for home life. In terms of interior design, all the doors have also been renovated, for example those for access to bathrooms or bedrooms. White doors with thin horizontal lines have been chosen. With them a more modern image is obtained and they are very well defined in the global design.

As it is a contemporary interior design, wood finishes are also present in this house renovation. In fact, the new floor that has been placed in most of the house is a parquet in natural wood tones. The kitchen island furniture is also finished in wood.

Kitchen with island

This piece of furniture we mentioned is the bottom of the kitchen island. A piece of furniture that offers storage capacity and also serves as a breakfast bar. In turn, the ceramic hob has been installed on this kitchen island. In this way, a relaxed space has been created to make daily meals or receive visitors.

The main kitchen cabinet is L-shaped. On the left side, the new appliances have been integrated, consisting of a fridge, oven and microwave. From there, a countertop is born that offers a large surface of support and work. It also has a sink and a large storage capacity at the bottom.

This is an open kitchen that has been very well integrated into the overall interior design of this renovation in Canet. The main kitchen furniture is white, while the kitchen island and home appliances have wood finishes. Stoneware tiles in a soft beige tone have been chosen for the floor.

Modern bathrooms

As this is a house renovation project, we have also been responsible for improving the two bathrooms in the house. The goal has been clear: to modernize and provide maximum functionality to the two toilet spaces. To achieve this we have an extensive catalog in which you can choose both the new image and the new equipment.

Now each bathroom has a floating sink with storage cabinet to organize hygiene and bathroom products. It is accompanied by a modern toilet and a walk-in shower. The new water area is protected by transparent partitions to prevent splashing.

The same decorative elements have been used for the new image of these bathroom renovations. The walls have been tiled with rectangular and beige tiles. In the same way as in other spaces of the house in the bathroom a fresh and pleasant atmosphere has been created. The new pavement is made of stoneware and also in neutral tones. In general, the bathrooms are adapted to daily needs and offer the best atmosphere for the most relaxed moments.

House renovation in Barcelona and its surroundings

This house renovation in Canet de Mar is a good example to show our work in the vicinity of Barcelona. We personally advise you when choosing materials and we take care of the day to day of the reform. In turn, we are available at all times for any queries you may have. If you think it’s time to renovate your home. Ask for your no-obligation renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17.