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House renovation in Viladomat street in Barcelona

We have been in charge of the house renovation of a flat in Viladomat street in Barcelona. Once the project is finished we can expose all the improvements we have made. As a company specializing in house renovations, we adapt to the needs and tastes of each owner.

On this occasion it has been a work of contemporary style to achieve a cozy home. For this we have worked on improving the image of all spaces. Also to equip key areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom. In this sense, the house is ready to offer the best services.

We share all these improvements in the following video. Here you can see the final result of this renovation in Barcelona. We are responsible for daily updating our social networks with our own and real content. So you can find out first-hand what work methods we use and also contact us.

Contemporary design

One of the first steps was to establish the new interior design of this home. For this, our interior designers in Barcelona have developed a custom project for clients. They have added all the requests offering the best options in each case. All this has been done before the start of the works. In this way, the appropriate modifications can be made.

The color white has been chosen to paint the walls, matching the new doors and plinths. It is a success at a visual level, since the white color accepts all types of decoration. In addition, it is the best option to maximize the luminosity and visual amplitude. They are perfect features for a current home.

The new contemporary design is completed with a parquet imitation ceramic floor. On a visual level it is a perfect floor and on a practical level it is even better. Ceramic floors are easy to clean, resistant and durable. Without a doubt we have managed to improve the image of this floor and adapt it to current trends.

Kitchen renovation in L

The kitchen is located in its own space and separate from the rest of the rooms. It is a large kitchen that is distributed in the shape of an L. Now each element is located in the best place to offer the best performance. Our objective was a functional kitchen renovation to be used daily.

At the end of the right side, the kitchen cabinet has custom-made holes to integrate the electrical appliances. There is space for a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next, the worktop begins and is equipped with a glass ceramic plate. Another improvement in this kitchen in Barcelona is that it has storage capacity in the lower and upper part of the worktop.

The kitchen furniture turns to the left and gives way to a second worktop. Here we have placed the sink and it also offers a support and work surface. In the lower part it has custom-made holes to place household appliances such as the dishwasher. All wrapped in a design with different wood finishes.

Modern bathroom renovation

Another space that we have been responsible for completely renovating is the bathroom. As in the rest of the house, we have improved both the visual and equipment aspects. This bathroom renovation has left a space for daily use that provides functional and effective use.

One of the new sanitary items is the washing machine. It is a double sink and has drawers for storage in its lower part. This is how bathroom and hygiene products can be organized and ordered. It is accompanied by a floating toilet with hidden cistern and a very large shower tray.

The shower is protected by a screen with transparent sliding doors. So there is no visual space left in the bathroom. On the other hand, the walls have been fully tiled with soft beige tiles. In this way we have managed to create a very bright and visually spacious space.

House renovation budget

Contact us and request your renovation budget. At Grupo Inventia we take care of everything so that your new home has everything you need. Call us at 93 209 97 17.