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3D rendering to reality: house renovation in Granollers

A few days ago we showed you the result of the house renovation that ended at Princesa street in the town of Granollers. Now we want to show you the importance of the work of our interior design department, responsible for developing the 3D renders with which customers can see how the result of their house renovation will be before the works begin.

They are about approximate design, but it is clear that the similarity and precision between the project and the final result of the house renovation is very faithful.

Open kitchen

The kitchen occupies its own stay but has openings in the living room, creating a well defined room, but that is perfectly integrated into the overall image of the home. For the layout of the new elements, a distribution on two fronts was chosen, placing a kitchen cabinet on the left side in which the oven and the microwave were fitted.

At the end of the right side there was a large fridge, so an elongated countertop was finally fitted with a ceramic hob and a single sink. In turn, this part of the kitchen has a large storage capacity both in its lower part and higher.

Equipped bathrooms

In the two bathroom that has the house, he opted for a design based on neutral tones, the walls were tiled in the middle with white tiles and combined with a hydraulic floor with a lot of personality.

With regard to sanitary equipment, both rooms have a sink with built in storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. This last element varies, since in the main bathroom there is a bath and in the courtesy toilet one shower.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

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